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About Mindbreath: Meditation & HRV

Easy to use & delivers results
Simple meditation with breathing exercises from ancient traditions backed by modern research, plus, inbuilt Heart rate monitor with HRV analysis.

From simple to advanced techniques
It's a comprehensive breathing app with hundreds of variations ranging from 2-minute meditations that work instantly to advanced techniques & programs

- Quick results: Relax, Energize, Focus, Calm etc.

- Advanced: Immunity, Endurance, Respiratory capabilities, Lungs vitality & strengthening, Pulmonary breathing help etc

- Breathing exercises / meditation to change the body’s subtle energy balance like regulating and balancing the nervous system.

Habits and Addictions Programs
Reduce CAFFEINE | Reduce stress and anxiety | Sleep aid | Concentration and productivity

Heart rate monitor
Use the phone's camera to measure heart rate & HRV.

In-depth Heart rate variability HRV analysis for health monitoring
HRV is a non-invasive measure of the autonomic nervous system and used as an indicator for various aspects related to health, performance & well-being.

Measurements indicate -
-Your general health
-Your stress and energy level
-Your performance capacity
-balance of the nervous system.
Track your heart rate and HRV and use them to track your health.

The basics of breathing
Get started with simple deep breathing, accompanied visualizations will help you get used to the basics

Pranayama course
The de-facto work from the Indian tradition which covers every intricate detail concerning breath-work, we have included a stepwise program to increase your breathing capabilities including lung capacity and overall IMMUNITY

Kundalini meditation series
A vast and intricate system of awakening our internal energies has been developed over thousands of years, these include a combination of postures, movements and breath-work. We have included a few exercises which are simple, work instantly and deliver results.

Tibetan breathing meditation .
Tibet has a rich ancient tradition of exploring every intricate detail of life & some of their works are now publicly available.
We have included some beautiful techniques from their tradition, including the Tibetan fire breath (TUMMO) and Tibetan body Detox technique.

Description | The science behind the exercises
With most breathing exercises, given inside is a description of how they work, the science behind it.

Change intensity levels
With most breathing exercises, we’ve also included various stages of intensity depending on a person’s degree of fitness/capacity which can be switched on the fly.

Find the technique you need.
Our multi-benefit search feature helps you find the exact technique you need right now.

Privacy policy and terms of use

This app is not a medically certified device. It cannot measure blood pressure or any medical condition.
For medical purpose, please use certified medical equipment and consult a doctor.
Heart rate feature does not work with all phones, it does not work in all conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Mindbreath?

Mindbreath is a meditation and HRV (heart rate variability) app that offers simple meditation techniques and breathing exercises backed by modern research.

What are the benefits of using Mindbreath?

Using Mindbreath can help you relax, energize, focus, and calm your mind. It also offers advanced techniques for improving immunity, endurance, respiratory capabilities, and more.

Can Mindbreath help with habits and addictions?

Yes, Mindbreath offers programs to help reduce caffeine consumption, manage stress and anxiety, aid in sleep, and enhance concentration and productivity.

Does Mindbreath include a heart rate monitor?

Yes, Mindbreath has an inbuilt heart rate monitor that uses the phone's camera to measure heart rate and HRV (heart rate variability).

How does HRV analysis benefit health monitoring?

HRV analysis provides non-invasive measurements of the autonomic nervous system and can indicate general health, stress and energy levels, performance capacity, and the balance of the nervous system.

What does the Pranayama course in Mindbreath cover?

The Pranayama course covers breath-work techniques from the Indian tradition, including stepwise programs to increase breathing capabilities, lung capacity, and overall immunity.

What is included in the Kundalini meditation series?

The Kundalini meditation series in Mindbreath offers a combination of postures, movements, and breath-work exercises designed to awaken internal energies and deliver instant results.

Does Mindbreath offer Tibetan breathing meditation techniques?

Yes, Mindbreath includes Tibetan breathing meditation techniques, such as the Tibetan fire breath (TUMMO) and Tibetan body detox technique.

Is there a description of the science behind the breathing exercises in Mindbreath?

Yes, Mindbreath provides a description of how the breathing exercises work and the science behind them.

Can the intensity levels of the breathing exercises in Mindbreath be adjusted?

Yes, Mindbreath offers various stages of intensity for the breathing exercises, allowing users to adjust according to their fitness level and capacity.

How can I find the specific technique I need in Mindbreath?

Mindbreath has a multi-benefit search feature that helps you find the exact technique you need at any given time.

Is the Mindbreath app medically certified?

No, the Mindbreath app is not a medically certified device. It cannot measure blood pressure or any medical condition. For medical purposes, certified medical equipment and consultation with a doctor are recommended.

Does the heart rate feature in Mindbreath work with all phones?

No, the heart rate feature in Mindbreath may not work with all phones and does not work in all conditions.
Each breathing technique in this app is described and guided so well. The exercises and accompanying background sound give a very soothing feel. This app is really worth using on a regular basis! ✨
Richa Thakkar
Realy great app easy to use all aspects of breathing exercises covered and a great little feature of stress and heart rhymes log the best breathing app about
Warren Storr
Heart monitor very good. Easy app.
Mukesh Patel
Beautifully designed app, great user interface, the app gives you a calming effect. The heart rate module is very accurate & easy to use.
Nikhar Agarwal
Application was amazing. The breathing exercises is helpfull for a fitness concious person The heart monitor shows the energy and stress level over all good app
Yashika Patel