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About Decathlon Coach - Sports Tracking & Training

The new Decathlon Coach application is available and meets all your needs and sporting goals!
It will undoubtedly become your favorite free sports coach thanks to:
- Free sessions to measure your sports sessions such as running, fitness or walking
- Coaching programs in several sessions and sessions à la carte to achieve your goals
- Follow up all the data of your sessions
- Advice from professionals on the tips and tricks of athletes Free or personalized sessions, anywhere, anytime

Among the various free sessions you will find a wide range of activities sports such as running, fitness, hiking, biking, trail running and many more.
All you have to do is make a choice and get started! Whatever the sport, the application, equipped with a GPS, will measure your speed, your distance traveled, your elevation, your course, your calories burned ...

If you rather want to set up your session yourself, it is also possible !
Choose a warm-up and the creation of your own split sessions in foot races (alternation of intense and moderate effort) is done in a few minutes. Then you only have to program the duration of each action and rest phase as well as the repetitions that will constitute your personalized run.
Before your sports session, set the values ​​you want to follow on your screen or in your headset with voice feedback, to be guided during your sports activity.

A la carte sessions or coaching programs with our best coaches
Receive the advice of a free sports trainer during a session thanks to the à la carte sessions, whether you want to start or resume your jogging or sports walking. If you want to maintain and strengthen your body, there are fitness exercises or bodyweight workouts. Discover the pilates to relax and prevent pain through stretching. You can also go with the free sports programs for several weeks if you want to lose weight, maintain your body, improve your speed, strength or endurance. So, discover all the available training to progress in your favorite sports!

If you start running, you will learn in a few weeks to find your rhythm and improve your performance. If you are a regular runner and you want to train for running a 10km, half marathon or marathon, or improve your VMA or cardio, programs are available.

Start and progress pilates with carpet exercises to promote sheathing, strengthening, relaxation and stretching. You can otherwise take care of your back, tone your body and activate your deep muscles.

Follow-up of your sessions and comparison of your best performances
Find your last pilates session, Nordic walking, running, mountain biking and other sporting activities to keep an eye on your best performances.

Then take a closer look at
- analyze the most relevant GPS track sections,
- discover your progress from month to month and from year to year with our tracking graphs

Tips from recognized professionals
You can benefit from tips and tricks to help you practice your sport every day. For example, you will have tips on sports equipment at adopt, connected products, how to prepare a trail but also advice on hydration and nutrition according to your caloric profile with particular

Balanced meal proposals for the whole week. If you also want to avoid aches and cramps, professionals have the answer you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Decathlon Coach?

Decathlon Coach is a sports tracking and training application that offers free sessions to measure your sports activities and coaching programs to help you achieve your goals.

What can I track with Decathlon Coach?

With Decathlon Coach, you can track various data from your sessions, such as speed, distance traveled, elevation, calories burned, and more.

Can I customize my training sessions on Decathlon Coach?

Yes, you can set up your own training sessions by choosing warm-up exercises and creating personalized split sessions for foot races. You can program the duration of each action and rest phase, as well as the number of repetitions.

Are there coaching programs available on Decathlon Coach?

Yes, Decathlon Coach offers coaching programs designed by professional trainers. These programs can help you achieve specific goals, such as weight loss, body maintenance, speed improvement, strength building, and endurance enhancement.

Can I receive tips and advice from professionals on Decathlon Coach?

Absolutely! Decathlon Coach provides tips and tricks from recognized professionals on sports equipment, connected products, trail preparation, hydration and nutrition, and balanced meal proposals for the whole week.

How can I analyze my performance and progress on Decathlon Coach?

You can analyze your performance and progress on Decathlon Coach by reviewing your past sessions and comparing your best performances. The application also offers GPS track analysis and tracking graphs to monitor your progress from month to month and year to year.
I think it's pretty good for a free app. Lots of plans. The voice is very annoying on my phone but there is information on how to switch to something easier to listen. I've been following plans for beginning...
David Pearce
La visualisation des bpm par graphique en cercle est très pratique
Bernard Bourdier
Love the app. Just the training programs a bit annoying when my phone is locked, it will state GPS signal lost. Would be awesome if can make the app to continue running in the background instead of having us...
Eva Chan
Elle me plait
Aimen El bouachiri
Awesome app. Does what you want it to do. Thank you developers
Babu George
Very nice 👌👌👌👍 I loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aarush Shetty