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About TrainerRoad

Get faster with cycling’s most effective training system.

• Power-based indoor workouts
• Science-based training plans
• Easy-to-use ride analysis tools

“...TrainerRoad is the best there is.” — BikeRadar Score: ★★★★★

“TrainerRoad quite simply makes every second you spend on the turbo count.” — Bicycling

“TrainerRoad has completely transformed the [indoor riding] experience.” — CyclingTips

• Choose from a workout library of over 1,000 structured indoor workouts.

• All workouts are individually calibrated to your personal fitness level.

• 100+ cycling and triathlon training plans to help you reach your specific fitness goals.

• Plans focus on getting you the most amount of fitness in the shortest amount of time.

• Each plan takes you through the proper progression of establishing base fitness, building upon that fitness, and finally, specialized training to achieve your unique fitness goals.

• From road, to cross country marathon, to triathlon — there’s a plan for every discipline of rider, including those who simply want to maintain their cycling fitness.

• All plans come in three volumes and accommodate every level of rider from beginner to advanced.

• Each week of your plan includes training tips and knowledge from Level I USAC & USAT Coach Chad Timmerman.

• Add your outdoor rides to any structured TrainerRoad plan. Assign them in place of prescribed indoor workouts, or add them to any day as a second workout.

• Analyze all your indoor and outdoor ride data in one place with easy-to-use cycling analytics tools.

• Track and compare indoor and outdoor training stress

• Analyze progress and personal records on a granular level

• Drill into the details of every ride

TrainerRoad memberships are $19.95/month or $189/year. Sign up now at

TrainerRoad is compatible with the majority of trainers and training devices on the market.

To check if your equipment is compatible with TrainerRoad, visit the Equipment Checker at

Have a question for us? We’re here to help!
Get in touch with us at [email protected].

TrainerRoad for Android supports the most popular flagship Android devices
OS: Android 5 Lollipop and higher
Connection: Bluetooth Smart, ANT+ and ANT+ FE-C

TrainerRoad for Android supports Bluetooth Smart, ANT+ and ANT+ FEC. Some devices are ANT+ compatible on their own, but may require ANT plugins installed from the Google Play store before they’re ready to use. Other devices may require an ANT+ adapter. Fortunately, some of these devices work with existing ANT+ adapters from your computer and an additional USB-C or phone-specific USB adapter.

Given the various ways TrainerRoad for Android communicates via ANT+, some devices may have stronger signals than others. If you’re having difficulty using a native ANT+ device, you may need an adapter to train normally.

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If you want to be a better cyclist and improve your fitness get TrainerRoad. You will need a turbo trainer (not necessarily a smart trainer) and a speed/cadence sensor to utilize the app fully. Virtual Power...
Andrew Antaya
Does exactly what it says. No BS. My only suggestion would be more ability to edit/review calendars/workouts within the app rather than going to the website, but that's really not the point of the app.
Tom Fanning
I have been using TR for a couple years off and on and love it. If you are wanting a no none sense training program this is for you.
Jason Hunsinger
Time efficient training with plenty of flexibility. Great 'Ask a coach' vids on YouTube
Graham Prentice
I don't use the Android program for my TrainerRoad workouts (my computer does that for me), but I use it constantly to look at my schedule, to view previous workouts and to find new workouts I want to try. T...
Dustin Sanders
First off - I love the program, but the app has become an issue for me. It had been working pretty good on my HTC10 with Android 7 OS. I was able to switch apps while in a workout and there were no issues. I...
Kyle Demerath