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About Runmeter GPS - Running, Cycling, Walking, Jogging

Runmeter is the most advanced application for runners, cyclists, and exercise walkers ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for Android, it makes your phone a powerful fitness computer — with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans and more.

Experience core features and dependability for free, then upgrade to Elite to add advanced features.

Android Powered
• Records an unlimited number of workouts — years of workouts only take up the space of a few songs.
• No website login required.
• Swipe across the stopwatch to see pages of stats, maps, and graphs - completely configurable.
• View your workouts on a calendar, and by routes and activities.
• View bar and pie charts summarizing all your workouts.

• Exclude stopped time with automatic stop detection.
• View terrain and traffic maps with Google Maps.
• Record heart rate, bike speed, bike cadence, and bike power with sensors.
• Automatically record the weather.

• Supports cycling, running, walking, skating, skiing, and many other activities.
• Keep on track with extremely configurable interval training, zones, and targets.
• Set up repeating intervals, pyramid intervals, or tempo workouts.
• Hear announcements that keep you in the zone.
• Analyze your split, interval, and zone performance.

• Select from more than 120 configurable announcements including distance, time, speed, elevation, and heart rate.
• Hear stats automatically at time or distance intervals, or on-demand with your earphone remote.
• Listen to comments from friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and dailymile.

• Compete against your previous workouts along a route.
• See your virtual competition on a map and in graphs.

• Includes 5K, 10, half, and marathon running plans.
• Design your own training plans.

Analyze Online - See
• View the Workout Explorer on your computer or on your phone.
• Share by email, Twitter, Facebook, Strava, MyFitnessPal or dailymile.
• View within the app on any Info page for a workout.
• View your graph, splits, intervals, zones, and more.
• Select a zone to see your map path drawn with zone colors.

• Use email, Facebook, Twitter, Strava, MyFitnessPal and dailymile to share your workouts online.
• Automatically keep family and friends notified of your location and progress.
• Hear replies from family, coaches, and friends spoken using text-to-speech.

• Import by tapping on a GPX, TCX, FIT or KML link or file in mail or browsers.
• Export detailed CSV, GPX, TCX, FIT or KML files for use in maps, graphs, and social fitness sites.

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Andy Meisenheimer
great tool for running and mountain biking
Very good app . Just configure runs you want to do and only takes a moment to change the settings from race to race. Watch out for phone going into battery saver as this switches off gps. If going for a run ...
David Longmuir
Best free ap I have tried @
Shelley Smith
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Quick and helpful support from Abvio to get going again after a Google Maps bug affected this app (as well as 100s of other apps)
Magnus Edwards