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About CrewNerd

The top rowing app for the iPhone is now available for Android! CrewNerd turns your smartphone into the perfect training tool in any rowing shell, canoe, kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or dragon boat.

Using the accelerometer in your phone or tablet, CrewNerd calculates your stroke rate as well as how much bounce (vertical movement) and stern check you are producing. Speed, pace and distance are calculated via GPS. Heart rate monitoring is supported as well.

Use a pre-programmed workout (or create one of your own) or just start the timer and go. All of your workout data is recorded and can be viewed later in map or graph form, or exported in a variety of popular formats. Use our live tracking feature to let coaches and spectators monitor your race or workout in real time in most web browsers.

Note: CrewNerd runs in trial mode by default, giving you 100 strokes or five minutes to evaluate the application in your boat. A small monthly subscription fee removes these restrictions.

• Configurable display

CrewNerd's main screen is very configurable. Rows can be double-height and can display either one or two of the following data fields:

• Stroke rate
• Elapsed time
• Distance
• Speed or pace
• Average speed or pace
• Projected time or distance
• Total practice distance
• Heart rate
• Stroke count
• Interval count
• Meters per stroke
• Check
• Bounce
• Course (direction)
• Time of day
• Maximum heart rate
• Maximum stroke rate

• Custom workouts

Select from one of the provided workouts, or create your own based on distance, time or strokes. An auto-start feature starts the timer when the first stroke is taken, or you can set a “countdown” of 15 or 30 seconds before the timer starts to allow you to build up speed before starting a piece.

Custom workouts can be created easily, much like programming a Concept 2 ergometer. Workout types include:

- Single distance
- Single time
- Distance intervals
- Time intervals
- Stroke intervals
- Custom intervals (any combination of distance, time, or stroke-based intervals)

• Custom courses

Create custom by plotting your start and finish lines in Google Earth. The application will start the timer automatically when you cross the start line and stop when you reach the finish. Great for hands free operation in head races or for set routes you routinely use.

• Review your data

Workout data is recorded and can be reviewed on the device in map, summary, or chart form. Data can also be exported for use with compatible desktop apps and web sites. Export formats include: GPX, KML, TCX, and CSV. The charting feature lets you select one or two data items to be graphed for each interval. Zoom and pan on the chart view to see as much detail as you want for any part of your workout.

Upload your workout data directly to your or account.

• Heart rate

CrewNerd supports the Zephyr HxM Bluetooth heart rate monitor and all Bluetooth SMART monitors. Bluetooth SMART requires Android version 4.3 or later.

• Live tracking

Stream your location and workout data as it happens to any web browser via This is a great tool for coaches working with multiple boats, or for spectators during a race. This can also be used as a safety feature to keep track of rowers while they're out on the water.

• Speech output

For blind and vision-impaired athletes, CrewNerd provides audible feedback during your workouts. Configure the content and timing of the announcements to meet your needs. Very handy for stand-up paddle-boarding or other activities where the phone's display can't be viewed easily.

• For coaches

Use custom workouts to keep your practices on target. In coach mode, you can tap anywhere on the screen to check stroke rate.

Waterproof cases are available to protect your device on the water. See our web site for more information.

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love this, has revolutionised our rowing training
Rachel Hedley
Love it! Wish it could send distance to Concept 2 log though.
Justin Davis
Superior to any GPS 'stroke coach' on the market, including the more expensive Neilson Kellerman units ,which I have trialed against in tandem. Have over 1mill meters with the unit and no longer use the N...
Daniel Johnson
Makes ur mind 1000x faster than the speed of light and helps you take fat W's
Enoch Cheung