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About TrainerDay

TrainerDay the app and platform for the self-coached cyclists. The upgraded version of this app has access to our 10,000 "open source" workouts and plans on the TrainerDay website.

Verified Trainers and devices (Bluetooth only)
- All HR monitors that follow the standard
- Standard Power Meters
- Wahoo Core and Kickr
- Tacx Neo, Flux, Flow and Vortex and Bushido
- Eilte Direto
- Saris H2 + H3
- Many other trainers are likely to work

Other devices
- Kickr Snap - unverified
- Whoop HR strap is not working
- NO ANT+ SUPPORT - Likely in the future

It's fast, it's flexible

1) Start your training session in 5-10 seconds (after an initial quick setup)
2) Easily change workouts, intervals or intensities dynamically during your training session
3) Fast access to ERG and Resistance or Free-Ride training modes

The free version of this app contains 20-classic cycling training workouts.

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been a beta tester since the beginning. This is the simplest to use trainer app I've used so far. It's UI is so clean, no unnecessary data/buttons. The author is also very open to suggestions. 5 stars for th...
Charlie Lao
This app is amazing for training. Affordable, reliable, & the feature releases are fantastic. I use it both as an athlete & as a coach. It’s helpful to build on TrainerDay and push to different platforms so ...
Jeremy Lucas