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About BitGym: Treadmill Trails App for Cardio Motivation

Requires a paid subscription for full access

Reach your fitness goals as you explore the world with more than 150 immersive cardio tours.
Explore our beautiful locales at your own pace or follow the guidance of our elite coaches.

With BitGym, work out on beautiful beaches, explore hidden nature hikes, and race through magical cities around the world.

Forget about watching the clock and the calories tick by as you immerse yourself in…
Perito Moreno glacier in Argentine Patagonia
Ubud Monkey Temple in Bali
The Eiffel Tower in Paris
...and many more, with new tours being added constantly!

Achieve your goals with the best cardio trainers. Whether you are training for a marathon, have a weight loss goal, or just staying in shape, let our guidance motivate you. Say no to your boring treadmill workout. BitGym offers cardio tours for any treadmill, spinning bike, elliptical or other indoor cardio workout equipment.

BitGym has zero setup and works perfectly on any cardio machine. No other hardware required.

Access cardio tours from any spinning bike, elliptical, stepper, erg or treadmill – just place your phone or tablet and start exercising.

Experience one of the best treadmill workout apps. Upgrade you indoor cardio workouts.

Download your favorite workouts offline and work out from home, the gym or your hotel.

Fully reimagined for a modern experience with this latest update to BitGym 3.0!

* In Trial mode, you can access the first 10 minutes of 18 tours (180 minutes total)
* If you have an external storage (SD card) in your device, offline tours will be downloaded to it by default. SD cards may not be detected for devices from certain manufacturers.
* Because of the large number of Android device manufacturers, we cannot guarantee all features of the app will work perfectly on all devices. Please test all the features you are interested in with the free Trial mode before going premium.
* BitGym Android does not support HRM integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is BitGym?

BitGym is a treadmill trails app that provides immersive cardio tours for users to explore various destinations around the world while working out.

Do I need to pay for BitGym?

Yes, a paid subscription is required for full access to BitGym.

What can I expect from BitGym's cardio tours?

BitGym offers more than 150 immersive cardio tours that allow you to explore beautiful beaches, nature hikes, and cities from around the world at your own pace or with guidance from elite coaches.

Can BitGym be used on any cardio machine?

Yes, BitGym can be used on any treadmill, spinning bike, elliptical, stepper, erg, or other indoor cardio workout equipment without the need for any additional hardware.

Can I download BitGym workouts for offline use?

Yes, you can download your favorite workouts offline and exercise from home, the gym, or your hotel.

What are the system requirements for BitGym on Android?

BitGym works on most Android devices, but due to the large number of manufacturers, all features may not work perfectly on every device. It is recommended to test the features you are interested in using the free Trial mode before upgrading to premium.

Does BitGym support HRM integration on Android?

No, BitGym for Android does not support HRM integration.
This is a great app, and the developer is incredibly responsive. It asks for camera permission. I thought that was inappropriate and let the developers know. They contacted me and explained how it used. It u...
Dana Linder
I only just finished my first workout with this app but I rate it one of my best ever. The guided cardio was intense in a way that completely avoided the "when will this ever end" or "I'm dying and will neve...
Sarah Carling
No app like this app, love you all
Christen Adel
I was trying to do indoor cycling for several months and did not work, I would lose motivation and quit. With this app that changed. It is good also for using VR. I only wish that there are a bit more free o...
Milica Stojanovic
The best ..thank you
Nenen Porras
Great window to the world while running on gentler surfaces!