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About Cycling Diet

Get fit while having tons of fun. Cycling.Diet helps beginner cyclists lose weight and get in shape while following a simple and health-enhancing training program.

Enjoy a personalized training program and meal plan to help you stay healthy and safely lose weight. This program is created by experienced cycling coaches and nutritionists and is cheaper than hiring personal trainers.

The basic plan includes:
- A 3-month personalized training plan that combines cycling and strength training sessions
- 35+ full-body warm-up and cool-down exercises
- A custom 3-month meal plan and plenty of healthy recipes
- A progress tracker and calendar
- Daily motivation, inspiration, and helpful tips
- Weekly program updates based on your progress

What can you expect?

Complete a simple 60-second quiz and share how you see your ideal training routine. Decide how many times you want to train each week, which types of foods you prefer, and what kind of results you expect.

After downloading the app, access your personalized training and meal plans and a database with hundreds of recipes. These programs will evolve together with you – expect them to adjust as you build up your strength and lose weight.

On top of that, you will seamlessly track your progress and access daily motivational tips and educational strategies that will help you build long-term healthier habits.

A personalized training plan

A professional cycling coach creates every Cycling.Diet plan according to user quiz answers. Your workout plans will combine cycling challenges and strength training sessions that vary in duration, distance, and difficulty.

We provide 6 different cycling plans to choose from – Newbie, Beginner, Fitness, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro. Each program has 3 difficulty levels. You will begin as a Newbie and finish up as a Pro, after going through 18 different cycling levels. Of course, you can change the levels if the existing plan is too easy or too hard.

Warm-up and cool-down exercise videos

As you ride, you go through thousands of repetitive motions, so it's important to ensure that your muscles and tendons can take this type of intense training. 5–10 minutes of stretching before and after a workout are essential for cyclists.

With Cycling.Diet, you will explore why cyclists need a comprehensive stretching routine, learn the basic principles of stretching for cyclists, and share plenty of scientific recommendations that will help you start loving your stretching routine even more.

A custom meal plan and healthy recipes

Sustainable weight loss starts with a menu of healthy meals you can't wait to enjoy.
Healthy meals can be easy to prepare, cheap, and so delicious that you will wonder why you ever enjoyed junk food.

With Cycling.Diet, you will get a meal plan that is easy to follow and fun to prepare. Every week, you will unlock new recipes and get new suggestions – eating healthy food has never been so exciting!

A progress tracker and calendar

Log your daily activities and follow your progress as you make your way to hitting your weight loss goals. With the Cycling.Diet app, you can easily monitor and adjust your diet by tracking your daily weight.

With a comprehensive set of data at your fingertips, it's going to be pretty easy to identify trends and notice what works for you. Update your progress once a day and see the big picture every time you need to get motivated.

Daily motivation and helpful tips

If you are struggling with cravings or lack the motivation to go for the ride, you will need some daily guidance that will help you reach your goals.

Finding answers about cycling can be tricky. Thus, we update our community with constant tips and tricks to keep you on track and address any questions or concerns. Our certified cycling coaches and nutritionists have you covered and are here to help with every step of your cycling journey.

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I really like this app, it has everything needs for a diet based on cycling. It keeps track of calories via a calorie log, and keeps my weight updated, which by itself is fairly motivating! There's a workout...
Nempie Blues
Very informative app. I like how it structures your workouts by dad and calibure. Also having the meal plan ther is a bonus as well. great app!
Bunta Fujiwara
Good for real life cycling
Kevin Lindstrom