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About Litely: Fasting Tracker, Timer

Litely is an intermittent fasting community app for weight loss and healthy living. It's a powerful fasting tracker app that guides people to fast with a simple timer, daily diet plans, a beginner guide & more!

What is intermittent fasting?
Intermittent fasting (IF) is a meal timing schedule that switches between periods of eating and fasting. It is an easy and safe way to lose belly fat and live a healthy life. During IF, your body can enter ketosis, which enables your body to burn fat. When you are in your fasting window, you'd better eat food with zero calories. During the eating window, you don't need a calorie counter, meal plan, or food tracker anymore. There are many fasting benefits, such as slowing down the aging process and helping you lose weight.

There are many types of fasting diet plans for beginners and experienced men and women. The most common intermittent fasting schedules or methods are 16:8, 5:2, and water fasting. If you choose the 16-hour fasting intervals, you will fast for 16 hours.

Common IF plans:
Gentle – 14:10
Extended – 16:8
Extreme – 18:6, 20:4, OMAD (one meal a day), alternate-day fasting

Litely is a unique app that offers you many free features while containing no ads. Download Litely for free now! We will be your trusted fasting coach. Our ultimate aim is to become one of the best fasting apps. We have users from the US, UK, and Muslim (Islamic) world. Whether you are Christian or Muslim, you can find like-minded people.

Below are our main features.

1, Easy-to-use timer
Start and end your fasts with our intermittent fasting countdown timer. The timer widget is a recorder that tracks your fasting hours with a hidden calendar, clock/stopwatch, and notification reminder. It not only shows the blood sugar change in your body but also uses an alarm to remind you of the end of your fast while you are doing something offline.

2, Fasting tracker
Fasting tracker is a tool that helps you track your intermittent fasting progress and habit. Our tracker can log your weight, exercise, daily water intake, and mood while tracking your progress. It automatically generates your fasting journal.

3, Custom plans
Our app has a dynamic intermittent fasting diet planner. It uses a smart calculator to generate a customized eating plan for your fast.

4, Fasting food recipes
Litely offers you food recipes to help you make an intermittent fasting meal plan. You can use it as a meal planner to cook healthy food.

5, Science-backed articles
Our certified experts have written articles about health knowledge. You can find fasting guidance and tips from our articles no matter what diet you follow, from vegan, keto to low carb. Also, you can learn how to combine keto or exercise with your fast. Our articles include guidance for women over 40, 45 or 50.

6, Circle
With this feature, you can invite your friends to form a support circle that encompasses some essential components for weight loss success: daily motivation, community connection, and fun. In your secret and private fasting network, you can start a 28-day or 30-day fasting challenge program.

Note: IF is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, kids under the age of 18, anyone with a history of disordered eating, or people with certain medical conditions such as type 1 diabetes.

Support email: [email protected]

Privacy policy:

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