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About eezy: your mood driven lifestyle planner

“Hey eezy, what’s the plan today?”

eezy is your smart personal assistant, tailoring recommendations to you and your current mood. Using ground-breaking artificial intelligence, eezy plans out your entire day, recommending activities based on your personality, how you’re feeling, and where you are.

eezy’s sentient A.I. is constantly learning from you, and matches you with the perfect restaurant, café, theatre, bar, pub, club, movie, sports match, concert, or hidden gem, depending on your mood!

The eezy app is 100% free to use, and free of any ads.

Discover the vibrancy of your city, whether it’s for a birthday brunch with your mum, an afternoon exploring the city by yourself, a crazy night on the town with your friends, or an experience you’ll never forget with that special someone – do it with eezy!


Tired of going to the same old places that your friends like? eezy recommends unique and exciting activities for you based on your mood and personality, so you’ll always find something YOU want to do.


eezy’s sentient Artificial Intelligence is constantly improving its personalised recommendations for you, providing you with the best possible options to make your evening perfect, every evening!


Make plans in advance or see where eezy can take you right now. You can create your own custom plans, or simply let eezy take the reins! Just tell eezy your preferences, and let your new social BFF do all the planning.


Explore all that your city has to offer – open your mind to new places and activities! eezy is in 35+ major cities around the world, so you can find unique places to visit on your travels too!


Do your friends find it difficult to decide on plans? Let eezy help you. Instantly reserve tables at restaurants and bars, or book cinema and concert tickets with eezy, then share the details of your bookings with your friends with just a tap. Say goodbye to indecision and hello to your new best friend!

So, what are you waiting for? Download eezy today.

Where will your mood take you next?

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