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About Smylee

Smylee is a free event planning app created to help you organise any life event where you need to show up in person and want to increase attendance at any gathering. Smylee works by holding you and your guests accountable when agreeing to attend an event together, simply by having everyone pledge to show up. This meet-up app allows you to create events, invite guests, then hold them to their RSVP when they agree to attend. If for any reason an individual can no longer attend, that person donates a predetermined amount of money they chose to pledge to their nominated charity, receiving a tax receipt for their donation. When a person does show up, nothing is paid, unless they choose to donate anyway. This app makes event planning easier, encourages attendance and brings together a community of likeminded people who value reliability and supporting great causes

Reduce No-Shows


Smylee offers a positive solution to reduce no shows, making event coordination effortless by helping you to arrange plans and increase your attendance goals. Smylee incentivises people to show up for events they RSVP to through their unique pledging functionality, leading to fun and memorable events that bring more people together. Whether you’re an event organiser for a meet-up group, in the event management business, or simply like organising get togethers for family and friends, Smylee is there to support you

Positive Message Approach


Smylee has been created to help people show up for themselves and others, encouraging reliability and kindness, demonstrated simply by using this app. A commitment made by pledging to attend can show people how much you care and value your time and theirs by being organised. Smylee understands that things don’t always go to plan, so our party planning app uses positive words of encouragement, harnessing positive change in commitment behaviours like helping you to become more mindful and present, improving the overall attendance experience and connection with others. By introducing accountability into event management, Smylee helps you as an event organiser to turn the negative sentiments associated with cancellations into something positive. If for whatever reason you or your guest cannot attend, Smylee promotes positivity in event planning by facilitating donations to a charitable cause

For the Moments that Matter


Smylee is for showing up and being there. It’s a perfect event organiser and event planning app for a variety of life events including:

• Birthdays

• Weekends away

• Family functions

• Dinner with friends

• Baby Showers

• Weddings

• Meet-ups

• Professional Networking

• Recreational Activities

And Much More

Smylee’s easy-to-use event invitation platform brings people together to forge meaningful relationships, helping everyone to feel more valued, respected and loved. Smylee is for sharing the joy in the moments that matter, and for meeting people face-to-face

How Smylee Works


The Smylee event planning app works in three simple steps:

Create an Event: Select the time and place, then invite whoever you would like to the event.

Select a Charity: Select from a provided list of charities to donate to in the event a person needs to cancel or does not attend.

Pledge a Donation Amount: Select an individual amount to donate that will encourage you and your guests to attend.

Smylee is a great alternative to mainstream platforms like Facebook Events, allowing you to easily combine scheduling an event with the unique charitable giving functionality and use of the reliability rating not seen elsewhere. Smylee is a more personable way to connect with new people, colleagues, friends or loved ones to help you make the most out of planned events and is a positive way to help others around the world if plans change.

Simply make your life events easier with the Smylee event planning app.

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