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About Carb Manager: Keto Diet Tracker & Macros Counter

Join the Keto and low carb revolution with Carb Manager®! It's FREE to use, and tracks all your macros and TRUE net carbs, subtracting sugar alcohols and fiber.

Whether you’re brand new to Ketogenic and low carb diets and just getting started…

...Or you’re a seasoned Keto pro who’s tired of using generic diet apps and calorie counters that don’t fit the way that you eat…

....we’re excited to welcome you to the Carb Manager family!

Carb Manager is so much more than just a macro calculator or carb tracker. It’s a movement. A community. A lifestyle.

Our food tracker is the most advanced in the industry, making it easy to log each meal in seconds. You can even log meals by taking a picture of what you ate, with our state of the art image recognition technology.

You’ll have no trouble staying in ketosis with our macro calculator and carbohydrate counter, which automatically tracks your carbs, fat, and protein, with “over-limit” alerts.

But even more than a carb calculator, Carb Manager is your one-stop destination for living a healthy low carb high fat diet (LCHF) lifestyle. We've bundled low carb diet articles, forums, recipes, a meal planner, intermittent fasting tracker, a premium e-book, a community with weekly challenges to help members lose weight together, and much more.

Whether you are on a Keto / Ketogenic, Paleo, Atkins, Whole30, or other low carb (LCHF) diet, Carb Manager can help you stay motivated and aware of your health.

Following Keto for diabetes management? You’ll love our diabetic carb counter, trusted by thousands of diabetic users to control carbs. Track blood sugar, ketones, and net carbs.

Ready to try intermittent fasting or OMAD? Try our built-in fasting app that lets you track fasting times and eating windows & visualize the impact of fasting on your weight goals with our intuitive graphs.

Carb Manager is truly THE all-in-one Keto diet app built specifically for the low carb lifestyle.

• Easy to use food diary
• Keto calculator: Track net carbs, macros, and more
• Macronutrient calculator: Track carbs, fats, & protein.
• Calorie counter: Use our calorie tracker to set a calorie goal based on your weight loss goals.
• Food diary: Search 1M+ foods with macros and carb counts, including net carbs and sugar alcohols
• Water tracker: stay hydrated!
• Exercise tracker: log exercises and workouts, including cardio and weight training
• Weight tracker: measure and chart weight loss and BMI
• Nutrition details: Total carbs, net carbs, fat, calories, protein, glycemic load, & more

• Connect with friends to share progress
• Join our community
• Learn about Keto: Exclusive articles on Keto diet topics. Learn about the Keto flu, drinking alcohol on Keto, intermittent fasting, OMAD, and “lazy keto”, and stay up to date on the latest news and research.

• Automagic food logging: Snap a pic of your food to log it with image-recognition AI
• Fasting app: If you’re exploring intermittent fasting or OMAD, our fasting tracker makes it easy!
• Sleep tracker: import device sleep data
• Voice logging: say it to log it
• Premium recipes
• See which foods contribute the most to your daily carb count
* Requires Premium for unlimited access

For the ultimate carb management and Keto lifestyle solution, check out Carb Manager Premium!
• Keto Recipes all access pass
• Unlimited voice logging and natural language input
• Diabetes tracker: Track blood glucose (blood sugar), ketones, and insulin for each meal. Diabetic carb counter included!
• Carb cycling features
• Recipe imports
• Advanced reports: streaks, meals analysis, correlations, benchmarks, projections, and macros analysis
• Keto meal planner
• KetoGenius Diet Plan
• Comprehensive health tracker: Chart and set goals for 30+ nutrients and health vitals
• Connect fitness devices to track steps and activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Carb Manager?

Carb Manager is a free app that tracks macros and net carbs for Keto and low carb diets. It also provides other features such as a food diary, meal planner, fasting tracker, and community support.

How does Carb Manager help with staying in ketosis?

Carb Manager has a macro calculator and carbohydrate counter that automatically tracks your carbs, fat, and protein. It also provides "over-limit" alerts to help you stay within your ketogenic limits.

Can Carb Manager be used for other types of low carb diets?

Yes, Carb Manager can be used for various low carb diets including Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Whole30, and LCHF. It provides support and features tailored to these diets.

What additional features does Carb Manager offer?

Carb Manager offers features like an advanced food tracker with image recognition, a water tracker, exercise tracker, weight tracker, nutrition details, and educational articles on Keto and low carb topics.

Are there premium features available in Carb Manager?

Yes, Carb Manager offers a premium version with additional features such as unlimited recipe access, advanced reports, diabetes tracker, carb cycling features, and a comprehensive health tracker.

Can Carb Manager be used for diabetes management?

Yes, Carb Manager has a diabetic carb counter trusted by thousands of diabetic users. It allows you to track blood sugar, ketones, and net carbs to help manage diabetes.

Does Carb Manager have a fasting tracker?

Yes, Carb Manager has a built-in fasting app that allows you to track fasting times and eating windows. It also provides intuitive graphs to visualize the impact of fasting on your weight goals.

Is it possible to connect fitness devices to Carb Manager?

Yes, Carb Manager allows you to connect fitness devices to track steps and activity. This helps you monitor your overall fitness progress.

Can Carb Manager be used to track sleep?

Yes, Carb Manager has a sleep tracker feature that allows you to import sleep data from your device. This helps you monitor and analyze your sleep patterns.

How can I get started with Carb Manager?

Simply download the Carb Manager app and create an account. It is free to use, but there is also a premium version available with additional features.
I LOVE this app! I'm doing keto and could not have done so well without it
Michelle Mcmurray
I was struggling to convert to keto macro monitoring from regular diabetes number checking. This ap was a math-ophobes treasure. Factor in that I was a technophobe for years, and the whole process was daunti...
Germaine Lohr
Clive Short
Very easy to use.
kim knight
Slow to open sometimes, but a great tracker.
Stephen Walker
It been very helpfull
Sue Blodgett