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About Healthy Minds Program

Your path to well-being. Powered by science.

Backed by four decades of research from world-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidon and his team at the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin - Madison & Healthy Minds Innovations, the Healthy Minds Program trains your mind through meditation and podcast-style lessons to develop skills - to gain focus, reduce stress, and maintain positive social connections.

Through hundreds of hours of guided meditations developed directly from the scientific understanding of the mind, podcast-style teachings, and progress tracking features, you can change your mind to manage stress, from family to the workplace and beyond.

Featuring our proprietary Awareness, Connection, Insight, and Purpose, Well-being Framework, the Healthy Minds Program is a holistic, all-encompassing meditation app that offers the best of both guided meditations and opportunities to learn. You’ll learn simple skills to enhance personal well-being, build healthy relationships, and improve communication, performance, and creativity.

The ground-breaking Healthy Minds Program App uses neuroscience, contemplative traditions, and skill-based learning methods to help you develop the skills for a healthy mind.

What makes us unique

Developed from Science:
While many mediation apps can claim the scientific benefits of mediation, our practices are developed directly out of neuroscientific research. You’ll also hear from the world’s foremost neuroscientists about concepts like neuroplasticity and how to train your mind;

Made for Busy Lives:
Our app features active meditation practices that you can fit into your busy lifestyle. Don’t have time to sit for 20 minutes? Put on an active practice and train your mind while you fold the laundry;

Guided by Measurement:
Thanks to pioneering scientific research, the Healthy Minds Program offers the first mobile assessments of mental and emotional well-being. Learn about your current level of well-being and contribute to cutting edge research on the science of well-being. Also integrates with Apple Health to track your mindful minutes;

Goes Beyond Mindfulness:
Emotional and Physical well-being is a skill that can be taught. Our app is based on a comprehensive framework for well-being and goes beyond mindfulness as one of these skills.
-Awareness: Be Present
-Connection: Feel Connected
-Insight: Get Curious
-Purpose: Stay Motivated

Driven by Mission and Supported by Donation:
The Healthy Minds Program is made possible by our donors in support of a vision of a kinder, wiser, more compassionate world. Unlike other apps that require a subscription, the Healthy Minds Program is available by donation, driven by a mission to translate science into tools to cultivate and measure well-being.

Bring the Healthy Minds Program to your workplace:
Along with the app, the Healthy Minds @Work offering includes team building exercises, meditations for coping with common stress triggers in the office, and habit formation techniques to ensure the program sticks with you long after completion. To learn more, visit

Read the End User License Agreement and Terms of Use here:

Read our Privacy Policy here:

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An amazing free meditation app backed by real scientific research!
Thom B
Definitely keeps my attention. Am learning as I practise and ideas are expressed very clearly by speakers. The option for shorter sessions takes the pressure off and makes it easy to build a routine.
wendy sells
I like this app because it's doable, you can choose how long you want to do the meditation for, 5, 10, 20 mins etc, the learning sessions are brief but useful, it tracks your progress, doesn't send millions ...
Katalin Ujhelyi
This app got me back on track with my meditation practice. Nonjudgmental. Not intrusive. Excellent app. Thank you.
Alex Lebedev
What an awesome way to cultivate mindfulness! This app is based on Dr Davidson's research, which I am a fan of. The staggered approach really helps; especially if you're a beginner. They help build you a str...
Sanvisna Kogelen
THE BEST app for learning meditation. Thank you so much! You are changing lives.
Anielka Sroka