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About Mind Detox - Guided Meditations

Prepare to relax and unwind with Mind Detox, the only guided meditation app for every mood. Care about your wellbeing as you learn to meditate with a purpose.

Simply select how you would like to feel from the specially designed ‘Mood Menu’ and listen to the instructions.

Develop a relaxed, happy mind for a more confident and successful you.

This app is created by Fiona Lamb - a well known hypnotherapist based in Harley Street, London.

You will be guided through the process of shifting your mindset by an expert in the field. Fiona has personally used meditation to make profound changes in her own life and continues to help others with her passion for mental health. Guided meditation works by lowering your brain activity to a theta state. In this relaxed state, it makes it much easier to make changes to your thoughts and feelings. When you change how you think and feel you can change your life.

TATLER - “Fiona’s approach is thoughtful, gentle and kind”

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This is the best meditation app I've used. There is such a huge choice and I love the fact that you can tailor the meditation specifically to how you're feeling and what your objective is. Extremely well put...
Kathy Fortescue
Well, I'm only using this app as a guest so I don't have access to all the features, but the meditations that are available are really effective. Very soothing..😌 Also, I love the woman's voice. That alone ...
She's a life saver!
Monica Dema