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About Mindwell : Mood & Sleep Lab

Sometimes meditation can fall flat; making our mind wander causing us to miss the benefits of daily practice.

By combining custom (Isochronic) tones, and custom (Solfeggio) frequencies, Mindwell synchronizes with your brainwaves to bring added benefit to your meditation.

We've created a series of these highly customized waves to help you achieve a variety of mental states such as alertness, calmness, sleep, and emotional balance. We even have waves to support specific moods and goals.

* Mindwell’s patent-pending MoodShift to take you to a better place
* Personalized Daily Meditation program created just for you
* Sleep Lab with everything you need for a great night’s sleep
* Over 350 meditations and guides with ancient Isochronic tones and Solfeggio Frequencies
* Playlist creation to create and share personalized meditation programs
* Sleep stories to relax and soothe any time of the day
* Affirmations to create healthy, happy thoughts
* Stats to track meditation minutes and progression towards mindful and mood goals

Mindwell's meditations last anywhere from 60 seconds to 30 minutes; making it so everyone has time for a quick refresh.

Unlike other meditation apps, Mindwell's meditation topics are for both powering down AND charging up. Some of our topics include:

* Sleeping Better
* Going Full Thrust
* Improving Relationships
* Turning on Positive Thinking
* Supercharging your Career
* Understanding and Quitting Destructive Behavior
* Meeting Life's Challenges
* Positive Mindset Workouts
* Stopping Anxiety and Worry
* Coping with Fear
* Powering up for College
* Coping with Grief
* Embracing one's self
...and many more!

Additionally, we have a sleep library including beloved classic stories from novels such as The Secret Garden, Siddhartha, Three Men in a Boat and Tom Sawyer.

If you're into something a little different, Mindwell also includes a series of ASMR tracks which were created to tingle your spine while lulling you into a sense calm.

Get the newest generation of Mindfulness apps today! – Download Mindwell now.

Subscription Pricing and Terms:
Mindwell offers an annual subscription for $49.99/year.

These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence.





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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Mindwell?

Mindwell is a meditation app that combines custom tones and frequencies to synchronize with your brainwaves and enhance the benefits of meditation.

What features does Mindwell offer?

Mindwell offers features such as personalized daily meditation programs, a sleep lab for better sleep, over 350 meditations and guides with customized tones and frequencies, playlist creation, sleep stories, affirmations, and stats to track meditation progress.

How long do Mindwell meditations last?

Mindwell meditations can last anywhere from 60 seconds to 30 minutes, allowing for quick refresh or longer sessions.

What topics are covered in Mindwell's meditations?

Mindwell covers a wide range of topics including better sleep, positive thinking, improving relationships, career enhancement, coping with anxiety and fear, embracing oneself, and many more.

Does Mindwell offer sleep stories?

Yes, Mindwell has a sleep library that includes classic stories from novels like The Secret Garden, Siddhartha, Three Men in a Boat and Tom Sawyer.

Are there any other unique features in Mindwell?

Mindwell also includes ASMR tracks designed to create tingling sensations and induce a sense of calm.

What is the pricing for Mindwell?

Mindwell offers an annual subscription for $49.99 per year. Pricing in other countries may vary.

Where can I find the Mindwell app?

You can download the Mindwell app from their website at

What are the payment, privacy, and terms policies of Mindwell?

The payment policy can be found at, the privacy policy at, and the terms of service at

How can I contact Mindwell for general inquiries?

You can reach Mindwell for general inquiries at [email protected].
A wonderful piece of work that inspires the mind and guide it. I have had mental blockades in the past that it helped. When my mental health started to decline those roadblocks became mountains that seemed t...
Dha'vni Dalila
Mindwell has many useful features: It helps me shift my mood between activities, rest well with sleep aids personalized just for me ,... and more than I expected.
Erin Sweet
Mindwell helps me elimiate negative thoughts better than I thought. Honestly I received more than I expected about this app before. A must-have!
Melinda Frank
There are various meditation topics on Mindwell. In a short time, I have just experience some of them like coping with fear, positive mindset workouts, but totally satisfied.
Shannon Matthews
I can't list all the benefits that Mindwell brings to me, some of them are helping me get great night's sleep, have positive thinking . Try to experience more.
Steven Anthony
I am really impressed with the way Mindwell helps soothe my body, my mind and also my soul with its music meditations. Everything is fabulous.
Craig Christian