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About Rewire Companion: Say No to Fap

Stop masturbation addiction & quit porn addiction that is harming your health and lifestyle. Fapping can be damaging for your lifestyle, testorone levels and so on! If you were ever asking yourself “how to stop masturbation addiction” this is the answer. Commit to not fapping & no porn life with Rewire Companion!

This quit fap application is built to break you out of the new age addiction of fapping to videos on the internet. Search about porn addiction if you don't know what this is all about. This stop fapping app is your our one and only companion in your journey to higher and higher!

With powerful tracking features and ability to find accountability partner, your streak may go longer & longer! There are progress graphs, widget support, emergency motivation, porn addiction tips and so many different stats that may be of enormous help when you are trying to do perfect masturbation control & stop masturbating, but also stop watching ponography!
See all powerful porn triggers, quit masturbation & addiction features..

With Rewire Companion you can:

• Keep track of your current streak with accuracy of seconds (Unlike some others which only marks days)

• Find accountability partner. Be accountable for your relapses to a person, helps a lot.

• Keep track of the various badges you receive as you go through your journey 

• Keep track of your past relapses!

• Keep track of the streaks of your fellow companions! Best app for accountability partners.

• Create and view notes with each relapse with built in notes

• Analyze your progress with advanced relapse statistics

• Emergency motivation button, get instant motivational posts!

• Widget support, get motivated right from your home screen !

• Emergency Urge helper tool, to kick those urges away!

• Get hourly/daily motivational notifications to keep yourself on check.

• Secure your content with built in lock option!

Stop wasting time and energy on addictions!
Break and overcome porn addiction/ fapping addiction / PMO addiction now.

Be PMO free, quit it now with the ultimate quit porn app.
Important Note: NF Companion is renamed to Rewire Companion

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Wonderful app !!!
Thiago Rodrigues
This app gives you a association. Association gives you strength to get rid of from any of your bad habits. Different ranking provided by the app gives you motivation to fight even in your worsts. Thanks
Guided Meditation
ali hassan
I love this app
Adan s
Dope app
Amitesh Rajkhowa
Failing on NOFAP? This app is for you
Sheetal Agrawal