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About Porn Blocker - Kid's Online Safety

Block porn websites on your child's phone with the Safety content filter. Safety is designed to give you peace of mind when you give a smartphone or tablet to your kids.

It’s not just a pornography filter, Safety blocks a wide range of inappropriate content from sites containing violence and hate through to drug use and gambling.

• Block porn
• Block gambling
• Block hate and violence
• Block drug use content
• Block certain types of phishing attack

It’s a wild web out there and it's worth using every tool at your disposal to stay safe:

• Lock safe search settings in place across all browsers
• Filter over 4 million inappropriate sites
• Add sites to the blacklist

Installing and activating this app on your device ensures that all its DNS requests go through a secure server. This isn’t a total shield against every possible problem with the internet...

...but it will ensure your child’s privacy and protection from bad actors trying to steal personal information through certain types of phishing attacks.

It will stop ISPs, governments or others from tracking your child’s internet use.

And it will give you some additional confidence that if they log into public wifi they’re not going to be misdirected or monitored against your will.

It’s a sensible precaution against a growing online threat.

To use Safety you need to download the app onto each device you wish to protect. You can edit the settings on your children's devices remotely from your own device.

Safety uses the Device Administrator permission to stop children from removing the app from their device.

Safety contains no advertisements.

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superb. useful. love u
Afsal Jamal
More than 5 star
jani bava
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shahbaz lucky
Gd app
Shahriar Naim
One of the most important app for this generation. Thank you toake such a great app.
This is the real deal
Dave Merlin