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About Vibrava – Vibrator & Vibrator Tool

Do you love good vibes?

If the answer is yes, you have found the perfect vibrator app to create those good vibes!

Vibrava does not just give you control over your build-in phone vibrator, but also to a big variety of your favorite Bluetooth enabled vibrator devices.
Currently, there are already over 100 Bluetooth vibrator devices supported and the list is only growing.

We do not lie when we say that you will get the best and the full control over all your vibrator devices with this elegant vibrator tool!

The Bluetooth vibrator control is only our latest awesome feature but in addition to that, this vibrator app has powerful tools that enable you to create your own awesome vibration patterns and you can even keep the vibrating app running in the background when your screen is locked. The vibrator tools of Vibrava also provide a timer that will automatically switch off the vibrator after a given period of time.

The vibrator remote control feature of Vibrava enables you to give control of your Bluetooth vibrator devices to anyone, anywhere in the world over the internet. The remote control is completely anonymous, you only need to share a short generated code.

Key feature listing:

•  6 pre-made vibration patterns to get started with right away
•  Powerful tool for custom vibration pattern creation
•  Automatic vibrator deactivation timer
•  Keep the vibrating app running in the background
•  Vibrator remote control from another device over the internet
•  Connect and control Bluetooth devices from a constantly growing list of supported devices

Bluetooth device support

Vibrava does support the control of many Bluetooth enabled vibrator devices and the list of supported devices will grow in the future. For a list of supported devices visit our website. If your device is not included, please let us know and we will try to add support for it as soon as possible.

What's next?

We are for sure one of the best vibrator apps on the market and we want to be it also in the future. That’s why we are always working hard on making your user experience even better.

Feel free to send us your ideas and thoughts about how we could further improve Vibrava or if there is something that could be even better.

More information

As you can see Vibrava isn’t just a power switch for your phone vibrator, it offers a lot of cool features and most importantly it gives you full control of the vibrator.

Did you know that massage devices can increase your health and relax your mind? Massage vibrators are a widely used tool for curing health-related issues. Most of these massage vibrators are specially designed devices that will open tenseness and overall relaxes your muscles, which leads to better blood circulation and well-being.

We are confident to say that Vibrava is the best vibrator app out there on the market.

You will fall in love with it. Enjoy!

Vibrava does not design, manufacture, or sell any devices by itself. None of the device brands, that are supported, do belong to Vibrava, and they are not related to Vibrava in any way. Vibrava might promote such brands or create partnership deals with them from time to time. It is possible that devices are also removed from the supported device list.

Please note that the ownership of a Bluetooth device does not entitle you ownership of the Premium- features in Vibrava.

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Richard Cooper
꧁༺•Silent Girl•༻꧂
Wow i am a girl its really happy to me!! i need a vibrator but our country its not available but this app really satisfied to me it was orgasms to me
Tnz music Channel
Wow osm app i im very happy. Very nice very useful app . Thank you my dear dewlpar tim .
Riya Kumari
Omg works well but certain phones dont vibrate much
Jolbean 976
I love this app so much
Amaira Ross