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About Rocky: Ai Coach Leadership Habit Goals Planner App

A life improvement & habit building app for soft skills and personality?

Rocky: the innovative mindful journaling & coaching app.

It’s like having a digital ai based life-coach which can be a self-improvement & self-growth tool for business owners, entrepreneurs, talents, high performers, motivated people, and medium-sized company managers who are developing their careers and want to self-improve.

Answer leadership coaching questions daily and self reflect on your day, with curated tips, best practices, daily habit building, and motivational quotes. Let Rocky be your life coach and see your soft skills, confidence, and mindfulness grow! Use it as your life tracker for goal setting, commitment, wellness, mindfulness, and self-help tool to accomplish your goals.


✔️Meet your agenda & Never fall off track
✔️Own your day with mindfulness and extend your self-awareness
✔️Be focused and understand what is important and urgent
✔️Take control over your direction in life mindfully
✔️Develop supporting habits and routines as high-performance habits
✔️Boost your productivity and get things done
✔️Achieve and work towards your most important goals
✔️Build your career and work towards your promotion
✔️Master reflective thinking and become mindful about your behavior
✔️Gain clarity, get confident, learn and feel accomplished
✔️Create a happier, balanced and positive lifestyle

STRUCTURE YOUR DAY with Rocky by defining your emotional tone and priorities as a leader to best carry out your day with your self-help app.

The user-friendly interface with a journaling-like chatbot makes it easy to make effective progress, develop mindful leadership traits, and to practice soft-skills.

GAIN COMPETENCE in your leadership skills with challenging questions and curated content like tips, quotes, and inspirations.

REFLECT ON YOUR DAY and strengthen your cognitive leadership skills by applying Rocky's coaching questions to your situation. - The leadership coach in my pocket.

Access to curated content and leadership coaching questions for:

★ Performance
★ Focus
★ Time-management
★ Discipline

★ Strategic Thinking
★ Visionary Thinking

★ Building Relationships
★ Empowerment
★ Open-mindedness

★ Clear communication
★ Active Listening

★ Managing energy level
★ Resilience
★ Stress Management

★ Courage
★ Self-appreciation
★ Continuous Learning is a professional app focused on enhancing your personality through best practices and expert advice with tons of useful tips, training, skill-sharing, and quotes.

The app truly focuses on how to improve every aspect of your personality. Easy and guided. Be Mindful of how you start your day and be reflective of what went well. Habits for Leaders.

Guided Journaling App for Self-Reflection & Self-Coaching.
Build your Mindful Personality.

Now you don't need to be an executive manager anymore to receive quality coaching with affordable and guided self-coaching for your success in career and life. The Rocky AI app is the new form of career-coaching, success-coaching, and life-coaching.

✔️ Professional guide and training for personal development skills
✔️ Easy to understand content for various personal development tools
✔️ Guided journaling and building up a personal diary with self-reflection a chatbot
✔️ Inspirational quotes included and send daily as notification
✔️ Share comments, ideas, and questions with like-minded people
✔️ Each article allows to follow up on best practices, start experiments and follow-up
✔️ Like articles, set your reminders and help other people with your advice
✔️ Access thousands of leadership coaching questions with the optional subscription
✔️ FREE to use the app with unlimited journaling

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