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About GG Body Image: Body Love & Acceptance Training

Created by Dr. Guy Doron (IDC) and based on psychology research.
Thinking about a new diet? Don't like your body? Want to lose weight? Wishing you could love your body more that you currently do?
With GGBI you can start improving your positive body image and body acceptance today.

Instead of asking "can I lose 20 pounds" or "how do I lose weight", GG Apps take a different approach: if we improve body image and accept our body, we can then start improving many other aspects of our wellbeing such as mood, and relieve depression, anxiety, and obsessions related to our perceived body image.

Throw away negative thoughts. Approach positive ones. Learn to identify your thoughts and respond quickly. Train daily and improve. The app focuses on positive body, body acceptance, distress, preoccupations with one’s appearance or perceived flaws.

- 15 free levels to learn, understand and improve.
- 1 free daily training level.
- In total, 48 levels including topics such as body-focused self-esteem, importance of appearance, shame, fear of being judged, the need to look perfect and more.

The app was designed for wide range of people. The following sample statements represent some of the thinking we are targeting:
- I am obsessed with my body
- I have issues with how I look
- I need to lose weight
- I look weird
- I can't have a relationship until I lose weight
- I suffer because of my looks
- I hate my body
- I hate looking in the mirror
- I have low body confidence
- I don't like a particular part of my body
- I wish I could accept my body
These thoughts represents various body-related beliefs. In GG Body Love, we target these beliefs, make them more flexible and introduce ways to allow for positive thinking to take over.

According to CBT models, negative thoughts – individuals’ ongoing interpretations of the self, others and the world - maintain psychological difficulties such as obsessive preoccupation, low mood, and maladaptive behaviours.

In body distress and preoccupation, for instance, people's negative self-talk often relates to the over-importance of appearance to their self-worth, their being accepted or their success in life more generally. Individuals with such beliefs will continuously say to themselves (in their heads) phrases such as ‘I’m ugly’, ‘I have to look perfect’ or ‘I will never be accepted because of my looks‘.
Such negative self-talk increases body related distress and preoccupation, intensifies negative mood and often provokes checking and reassurance for others.

GG Body Love was developed in order to provide an accessible CBT training platform that would allow individuals with body related distress and preoccupation to better deal with negative self-talk. The application is designed to:
1. increase individuals’ awareness of negative self-talk.
2. train individuals’ to better identify and challenge negative self-talk.
3. increase individuals’ access to neutral and positive self-talk.
4. increase the automaticity of the above processes.

To further strengthen learning of supportive self-talk, each level the player completes is followed by a small memory game in which one has to identify a supportive statement that appeared in the previous level.

Training using this application, will allow for gradual, steady learning of more positive thinking, thereby helping to break the vicious thought cycle maintaining appearance related preoccupation.

GG Apps is a new and exciting mobile platform (from the same team that brought "Good Blocks") aimed at improving people's wellness by expanding and challenging their self-talk.

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Cool :)
Keera Cabrias
Very good app....
Ramchandra Hegde
I suggest this app if you are feeling low aand mistreating yourself as a person.
Nadia Victoress
I honestly didn't think it would help a lot first, but I was pleasantly surprised how it helped me on my journey to view myself in a different way. That also helped me to deal with mental problems I have. I ...
Anna M. L.
Awareness is a big part of the game!
Sharon Goldfarb
Honestly glad I downloaded it. It has definitely given me a change in my mindset and it became almost a daily habit to check in.
Jaz K.