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About Sensorium - Synesthesia Meditation & Awareness

Guided Synesthesia Meditation is a combination of traditional mindfulness exercises, nature awareness techniques, and synesthetic explorations. It fits well for Beginners and advanced meditators as well. Practice 10 minutes per day and train your mind to be more in the present moment. Become aware of your senses in your daily life and nature. And you may discover Synesthesia and how to blur your sensory channels. Find better sleep and more calm, relaxation and balance, while decreasing stress. Gain improved focus and a little bit of life quality as you sharpen your senses to perceive more of this beautiful planet.

**Synesthesia: the mix-up of the senses**

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon. The perception of one sense triggers the experience of other senses. A sound may be perceived as shapes, letters, and numbers as colorful personalities and tastes as sound.

Many people resonate with synesthesia. And even though there are cognitive advantages* most are not aware of it. They miss the beauty and the benefits of experiencing the here and now. Maybe you too?

It is more than just another meditation app!

**Mindfulness cultivates synesthesia**

In our busy lives, the mind is continually chattering to us about the past and the present. We feel stressed, and often we are not aware of the sensory experiences in the present moment.

With Synesthesia Meditation you discover, train and integrate synesthesia in your daily life. Increase your overall sensory awareness.

Regardless if you resonate with synesthesia or not, whether you're a meditation beginner or advanced, you benefit by reconnecting with your senses.

Make it a ritual to meditate 10 minutes per day. Increase your life quality*. You will feel the benefits within a week.

** How does it work? **

The Synesthesia Meditations are in the app’s “Sensorium.” There are 3 categories.

+ Path of mindfulness +
Sensory mindfulness series to train the mind to increase attention and focus.

+ Garden of Synesthesia +
Synesthetic explorations to reconnect to your senses and sensations of the present moment.

+ Awareness of the Senses +
Exercises to re-activate your senses in your daily life and when your are in nature

Our exercises involve all your senses. For many exercises, you just sit and listen. Others are interactive multimedia sessions that invite you to interact with your surrounding.

** What is inside? **

Over 200 guided Synesthesia Meditations,10 - 15 minutes in duration, with high diversity in topics and focus. Get your 7-day Trial to access them all.

All exercises are spoken by Tori Louise, a professional Yoga instructor and environmental educator (

Free exercices of the Gateway
- Over 3 hours immediately available
- 7 exercises of synesthetic explorations
- 7 exercises of sensory mindfulness
- Synesthesia tests

Mindfulness-based series
- 7 days synesthetic mindfulness for beginners
- 7 days introduction to breathing
- 7 days introduction to synesthetic body scans
- 7 days introduction into sensory scans
- 7 days deep exploration of the breath
- 7 days deepening body scan practice
- 14 days deepening sensory scans

Sound Based
- Nature sound meditations
- Soundscapes to experience music in colors
- Drawing sound

Synesthetic explorations
- Experience your 5 senses mixed-up.
- Explore yourself, people and your environment
- Grapheme Synesthesia: colors of letters and numbers
- Calendar Synesthesia: a spatial experience of weeks and months

Additional single sessions
- Falling asleep
- Eating
- Nature awareness
- Seeing people in colors
- Physical activities
- Sensual perceptions

Synesthesia tests
- Grapheme synesthesia
- Calendar synesthesia

* The science of synesthesia and meditation is in its infancy and it does not work for everybody to the same extent. Read more on the blog.

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I couldn't afford it
Janna Lorette
Sash Croft
Absolutely in love with this app. Helps me with a lot of aspects, especially with "here and now". Customer service is excellent. Highly recommended and cant thank you enough!
Anna Zielinska
Im so in love with this app!! I have already unlocked and understood so much about my synthesthia and i love the excercises are active and engaging.couldnt recommend more!!
Zarya Moskovits
Excellent app. I would hope that you include chromesthesia training in this app or another app, with included testing for specific pitches. This is relatively easy to progress and Newton had deviced colors c...
dfgg ghi dgh
Pierre Mandel