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About Hodie human skills development

Hodie is your human skills coach – a FREE, highly immersive, ‘on-demand’ opportunity to learn the critical skills you need to realise your potential, boost your career prospects and thrive!

At any time, place and pace that works for you, Hodie will help you master 6 key skills, each with 5 levels:

- Self Awareness
- Communicating with Impact
- Working Together
- Mindfulness
- Owning It
- Creativity.

Your Hodie learning journey* will help you to master the critical human capabilities demanded by employers across the globe:

- Better understand your strengths & how to leverage them
- Communicate more effectively & manage conflict
- Collaborate with others & thrive in a team
- Apply creative thinking to solve problems
- Harness a positive mindset & manage stress
- Approach your work with confidence, ownership & focus

…and that’s just scraping the surface!


Access to all 5 levels of all 6 key human skills is FREE! Yep, that’s 30 learning modules (and one seriously powerful upskilling opportunity) at zero cost to you … because we’re here to put human skills in the hands of anyone hungry for it!

GET AHEAD with ...

- MINI QUESTS (paid)

Once you’ve completed your first skill area - Self Awareness (all 5 levels), you’ll get access to Hodie Mini Quests. Mini Quests are your human skills ‘life hacks’ covering specific, career-boosting essentials like CV Writing, Job Interviews, Salary Negotiation, Dealing with Difficult People, Networking and more. New Mini Quests are added regularly!

Cost: $5.99 (Australian Dollars) per Mini Quest

- HODIE ARTISAN (paid, coming soon)
- HODIE MASTER (paid, coming soon)


The speed of your Hodie upskilling experience will depend on your preferred pace of learning.
On average, it takes about 5 weeks to complete each skill, based 20 mins of learning p/day. So … in less than 6 months, you’ll be Hodie human skills accredited!

You might go faster or slower - it's up to you.

Full terms & conditions:
Privacy policy:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Hodie?

Hodie is a free human skills coach that provides an immersive and on-demand opportunity to learn critical skills, boost career prospects, and thrive.

What are the 6 key skills that Hodie helps you master?

Hodie helps you master the following 6 key skills: Self Awareness, Communicating with Impact, Working Together, Mindfulness, Owning It, and Creativity.

What are the benefits of using Hodie?

Using Hodie will help you better understand your strengths, communicate more effectively, collaborate with others, apply creative thinking, manage stress, and approach your work with confidence and focus.

How much does Hodie cost?

Access to all 5 levels of the 6 key skills in Hodie is free. However, there are paid options available such as Mini Quests, Hodie Artisan, and Hodie Master.

What are Mini Quests in Hodie?

Mini Quests are paid additional learning modules that cover specific, career-boosting essentials like CV Writing, Job Interviews, Salary Negotiation, Dealing with Difficult People, Networking, and more.

How long does it take to complete each skill in Hodie?

On average, it takes about 5 weeks to complete each skill in Hodie, based on 20 minutes of learning per day. However, the pace of learning is customizable and can be faster or slower based on individual preferences.

Are there any additional terms and conditions or privacy policies?

Yes, you can find the full terms and conditions at and the privacy policy at