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About CheckingIn: for Self Awareness

CheckingIn is a free and private tool to help you develop self-awareness, practice mindfulness, and manage stress and anxiety by quickly tuning in to your ENERGY and EMOTIONS.

++ Create a BETTER LIFE for yourself by checking in

CheckingIn helps build self-awareness and mindfulness by inviting you to be present and “check in” with your energy and overall mood and emotions.

CheckingIn can be used to complement existing mindfulness and mental wellness practices, such as yoga and meditation, that are designed to help with stress, anxiety, focus, and sleep.

++ CheckingIn takes LESS THAN A MINUTE

Our simple two-step check in process can take under a minute and can be done as often as you want.

- Quantify your current energy level on a scale of 1-10.

- Describe your strongest emotion using a word of your choice, or pick from a categorized word list of over 200 emotions.

- Add an optional journal entry to go deeper into how you’re feeling.

- Set a notification that reminds you to check in throughout your day and build a mindfulness habit.

++ REFLECT on your emotions and ANSWER powerful questions

After each daily check-in you’ll receive one of our curated Reflections designed to provoke deeper thoughts around your feelings, behaviours, and emotional triggers.

- Read a short passage written to encourage emotional introspection.

- Consider a simple yet powerful question designed for deeper self-reflection.

- Add a journal entry with any thoughts and emotions the question brings up.

++ TRACK your energy and emotional patterns over time

Each check-in will be saved to your history and secured by pin lock. You can use CheckingIn’s powerful Insights functionality to view and analyze your historical data and keep growing your self-awareness.

- Visualize your check-in history using simple reports and graphs.

- Filter your history to see your energy and emotions over a specified time period.

- Secure all of your data using a pin lock for complete privacy and security.

++ Subscribe to CheckingIn PLUS for even more features!

CheckingIn Plus can be purchased as a monthly or annual subscription and offers a host of premium features designed to enable you to go deeper into your energy and emotions.

- Unlimited HISTORY: access your entire check in history through easy-to-understand graphs and reports.

- Deeper INSIGHTS: access pre-built reports designed to illuminate emotional patterns

- Unlimited ANALYSIS: get deeper into your data and export your entire check in history to a CSV file and analyze off-line.

- Unlimited JOURNALING: write as much as you want during your check-in about how you’re feeling.

- Weather TRENDS: learn how your emotions may be affected by weather and location.

Subscribe to CheckingIn Plus monthly for about the price of a venti caffe latte (USD$4.99/month), or enjoy greater savings with an annual subscription (USD$29.99/year).

For full terms of use -->

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