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About Travel Diaries: the travel journal app

Easily record your (travel) adventures in a journal with the free application of Travel Diaries. You work in a real journal on your screen in which you can add stories, photos and routemaps in different layouts.

Adjust the style of your diary to your taste by choosing from multiple fonts and other formatting options. Share your adventures as a blog with friends and family, or keep them to yourself. Is your journal ready? You can order it as a beautifully printed book with hard or soft cover with just a single click.

Switch between our online software for larger screens (computers and tablets) and the app on your mobile phone at any time. This way, you can always keep your journals on the go, and elaborate on them later on a larger screen.

Create a free account with Travel Diaries and start your first diary right away. Choose a title, upload a cover photo, and choose a style for your journal.

Fill your journal by adding chapters. Formatting your diary is done in three simple steps: adding text, formatting your pages and previewing your diary.

Add your stories in writing mode, after which you can choose a layout per page, that you can fill with photos and route maps. Travel Diaries even offers the option to leave sticky boxes, with which you leave space in your printed book to paste something in later. In preview mode you can scroll through your entire diary to see if the result is the way you want it to be.

Each chapter can be shared with friends and family. Once you share your chapter, we will convert it into an online blog. Through the app you can simply share the link to your blog by email, via social media or what's app.

Is your journal finished? Order your own beautiful printed (travel) book with just a single click. All you have to do is choose a cover, we’ll do the rest.

You can use the journal app of Travel Diaries to create any kind of journal. Create a pregnancy diary, baby book, recipe journal or a book with your life story. Our app is made to create beautiful books about any adventure worth recording.

• We print books starting from 40 pages, with prices starting at € 35.85 for a softcover book and € 52.79 for a hardcover book. A journal can contain up to 320 pages. All prices can be found at
• More extensive style options to format your diary can be found in the web editor of Travel Diaries. Surf to on a computer or tablet and log in with your account. You can choose from countless fonts, font sizes, colors for your title, place and date display, and more in the editor under the button ‘styles’.

• Want to learn more about Travel Diaries? Check out
• Do you have any questions or feedback? Or did you discover a bug in our app? Please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or via the contact form in the app.

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I really enjoy using this app. It works like a charm !
Bojan Churlinov