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About Gardenize

Garden diary, keep track of and document your plants and garden.
Save your garden photos and notes, when ever, where ever you garden!

Every garden and gardener is special, but we all have something in common - we have a great memory, we just need some help to keep it up to date.
That is why we created the Garden app Gardenize - a tool to simplify gardening work.

With a Gardenize account, you can access your garden from different devices and platforms.

As gardeners we have different knowledge, ambitions and interests and our gardens have different soil, size and weather conditions. Gardenize works for every combination of these. Name your plants as you wish and add your own photos and notes as precise as you want to. Use the correct scientific names or simply call a plant "my favourite red flower". Gardenize has room for everyone.

We have organized Gardenize in 5 major blocks. The first three we call MY GARDEN.

Build your own unlimited garden library, plant by plant, flower by flower. For each plant, you add your own photos and notes and link it to one or many of your garden areas.

Organize your garden in an unlimited number of garden areas. Flowerbeds, borders, raised beds or alleys. Name them as you wish, and in each area see all the plants you have in that area. Draw on the photos, with our built-in drawing tool.

Keep notes of all your gardening activities and events. Create your own "activity types" and link plants and areas to each event. Add photos and notes, and follow the development of your crops from seed to harvest, and through all seasons. Set reminders so you never forget to water, fertilize or trim your plants again.

The last two parts we give you for fun and inspiration.

Connect with your garden friends and look into their gardens and invite others to look into yours. Share your plant information with each other. You can also search for public parks and gardens and check them out.

Take a habit of looking into the feed of gardening inspiration, and get the garden answers you are looking for. We publish links to blogs and YouTube, all on the topics of plants and gardening. You can search on topics and save posts you like, so you easily find them again. Are you an influencer and want to share your posts in Gardenize? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Other features
-Draw on photos to mark where you plant your bulbs or to mark what weed to rake.
-If you like to get visitors, add your address and webpage to the profile, and mark your garden location on the map.
-Search and filter to easily find when you seeded your carrots and get a list of all your tomatoes.
-Share single photos to social media, download to a shared drive or locally on your device.
-Works both online and offline! Great feature if you have a poor internet connection in your garden.
-Switch devices. Gardenize works on multiple platforms and devices.

Our users are our heroes and we love to hear from you. If you need help when using Gardenize or have suggestions for improvement, contact us at or [email protected] We provide support in Swedish and English.

Created by gardeners, for gardeners.

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I really like it I wanted a digital gardening journal to upload my own photographs. Does just the job. Maybe it's a bit basic for some but it does the job great.
Sarah Rooks
This is easily the best gardening app that I have found. Lots of reviews I've read here concentrate on what it doesn't do! But what it does, it does very well! I was looking for a way to record what was in m...
Peter Harris
Great way to detail each garden and plant throughout the season. Events are geared towards the garden which I use but they are also customizable; so I made a wildlife category and track what animals and inse...
Karen Bryan