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About Qeepsake: Family Album, Baby Book, Memory Journal

Save photo memories and moments in your child’s life with the Qeepsake app. Qeepsake captures your family pictures and milestones, all with the ease of text messaging!

As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, Qeepsake sends you daily text message question prompts for each of your children. Create a photo journal by replying to the text message - the new memory is then instantly added to your child’s journal. It’s that easy.

Photo memories, childhood moments and milestones can be captured by just answering daily text message questions.

Make keepsake albums from all your memories, add even more photos, build photo collages, answer previous questions, and more using the Qeepsake app.

Memory books are easy to make with Qeepsake. Qeepsake instantly turns all your memories into a beautiful book filled with your photos and journal entries. Family albums and memory books can be previewed anytime using the Qeepsake app.

A scrap book or photo journal is perfect for all your kid-related posts from social media. Making photobooks is easy - import and turn your posts (along with your Qeepsake memories) into a beautiful hardcover or softcover Qeepsake Book.

Preserve all of life’s important moments in photobooks. It’s perfect for a baby album, picture book, photo diary, photo journal, or memory journal that captures all of childhood.

Download Qeepsake to easily save every moment of your child’s life, from maternity journaling through childhood.

Qeepsake Features:

Photo Memories
- Qeepsake automatically saves your photos and memories into a beautifully formatted baby book or photo album
- Text message fun question prompts based on your child’s age
- Add to photo albums with your spouse or other contributors
- Photo journal with weekly recap emails

Photo Collage & Journals
- Make memory albums and baby journals as easily as sending a text message
- Photobooks made of your text messages, photos and memories
- Automatically import social media content
- Qeepsake automatically creates beautiful photo collages and books based off your memories

Milestones for Any Occasion
- Make a baby journal
- Save photos of the precious firsts in your child’s life
- A scrap book full of your little one’s artwork or academic achievements
- Photo memories of key moments as your child grows
- Create photo books to share when they’re older
- A photo journal that documents all of life’s important moments

Save photos and memories of all your family with Qeepsake. Whatever you want to remember, however you want to cherish and share, Qeepsake is here. Download today.

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I absolutely love the confidence of this app! I also really like the diversity of the questions I get! There are quite a few that I never would have thought to document!
Krista Wallin
Best app!! Wish I had thought of this !
Serena Swan
Loving this! What a fun and easy way to keep track of things for my children.
Ellis Pilcher