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About BabyG: Your Smart Parenting App


Babies are amazing 👼, so should be parenting 👪!

👉 1 yr: Baby’s brain double in size!
👉 2 yr: Baby’s brain has double the neural network of an adult!
👉 3 yr: 80% of the brain is developed, and the brain starts to discard less stimulated neural networks!

Hence, the focus should be to give the RIGHT STIMULATION at the RIGHT TIME in the precious first 3 years.

Stimulate Early Development in your Baby with India’s 1st Scientifically-driven Parenting App. BabyG is designed with experts👩‍⚕️, especially for babies of 0-2 years of age, it has everything you need to be an amazing parent!


🎯 DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES: Give Right Stimulation at Right Time with 1000+ personalized, screen-free, video-based activities, backed by experts, to stimulate early development across Physical, Cognitive, Communication, and Social-Emotional areas. Don’t worry, our activities are designed with the philosophy of Easy-to-do and Minimal Material requirements. Age-appropriate activities and personalized Weekly Program for you.

🎯 DEVELOPMENT MILESTONES: Benchmark your baby’s growth every month and create instant visual reports to see how your baby is progressing in each area of development as compared to development in 1000s of other babies at the same age. Stay peaceful knowing that your little one is progressing well. Activities-Milestones are linked and can help identify red flags early on.

🎯 NUTRITION & RECIPES: Wonder what you should feed your baby? We have nutritious recipes customized as per the age of your baby, along with step by step method and videos to make some yummy, finger-licking food for your baby. Not just that, mom’s health is equally important, so we provide a daily diet plan for lactating moms.

🎯 BED-TIME STORIES: What’s better than stories to bond with your little one. Find amazing and fresh stories to tell your little one every day and inculcate reading habits early on.

🎯 ARTICLES & TIPS: We know what you will need to know throughout the journey! We have carefully curated all the important things that you need to know during this amazing journey and put them in articles and tips, well researched so that you don’t have to.

You are your baby’s first teacher, give them the much-needed stimulation to form a strong foundation, for life long.


BabyG is FREE to download 🐣. A lot of content is free in the app, even after the commitment-free trial period. Unlock the true value of our Smart Parenting App at a very small cost. Get unlimited access to all the amazing features in the app with Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly Subscription:

🔓 DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES: Get unlimited access to scientifically developed development activities across Physical, Cognitive, Communication, and Socio-Emotional areas.

🔓 GROWTH MILESTONES: Check all the growth milestones your baby can reach by doing BabyG activities across Physical, Cognitive, Communication, and Socio-Emotional areas.

🔓 MONTHLY DEVELOPMENT REPORT: Benchmark your baby’s growth and development month-on-month with the development of 1000s of other babies, just with a click. See everything in an easy and graphical manner.

🔓 NUTRITION & RECIPES: Give the best nutrition to your baby using Nutricious Recipes and Lactation guide.

🔓 BED-TIME STORIES: Take the baby into the world of stories and imagination with our curated age-appropriate stories.

🔓 ARTICLES: To become an informed parent is the first step to smart parenting, access curated articles as per your baby’s age.

🔓 TIPS: Get research-backed tips, every day, to guide you along the way in this new journey.

🙌 Join the community of parents & experts, passionate about Smart Parenting:


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why does my baby need smart parenting?

Babies' brains undergo significant development in the first three years, and providing the right stimulation at the right time is crucial for their growth and development.

How does BabyG cover all my parenting needs?

BabyG offers a range of features including development activities, milestone tracking, nutrition and recipes, bedtime stories, articles, and tips, all designed to cater to the needs of parents with babies aged 0-2 years.

What are development activities offered by BabyG?

BabyG provides over 1000 personalized, screen-free, video-based activities to stimulate early development in areas such as physical, cognitive, communication, and social-emotional development.

Can I track my baby's development milestones with BabyG?

Yes, BabyG allows you to benchmark your baby's growth every month and create instant visual reports to track their progress in each area of development compared to other babies of the same age.

Does BabyG provide nutrition and recipes for babies?

Yes, BabyG offers nutritious recipes customized for your baby's age, along with step-by-step instructions and videos. Additionally, it provides a daily diet plan for lactating moms.

Are there bedtime stories available on BabyG?

Yes, BabyG offers a collection of amazing and fresh stories to bond with your little one and develop their reading habits from an early age.

Does BabyG provide articles and tips for parents?

Yes, BabyG curates articles and tips that cover important topics throughout your parenting journey, providing you with valuable information and guidance.

What benefits does the premium subscription of BabyG offer?

The premium subscription of BabyG provides unlimited access to all features, including development activities, growth milestones, monthly development reports, nutrition and recipes, bedtime stories, curated articles, and research-backed tips.

Where can I find BabyG?

You can find BabyG on its website, Instagram, and Facebook. The website is, Instagram handle is @babyg_app, and Facebook page is
Superb And Excellent app For Mom and Child
md Gulam
Looks like parents have a master tool now, love the activities and videos are superb.