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About Keleya- Pregnancy & Baby App

Keleya is the All-in-One App for your pregnancy! Start your personalised prenatal Yoga workouts & nutrition plans, listen to podcasts and read expert articles and tips about your symptoms.

Want to stay fit during your pregnancy? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information online? Are you looking for the perfect motivation and coach to accompany you? Then Keleya is the perfect app for you.
With Keleya you are completely covered. You can track your pregnancy week by week all the way to birth, address your symptoms and find healthy & nutritious recipes.

**Get body STRENGTH with our weekly, personalised workouts**
Thanks to our smart algorithm, we are able to tailor workouts specifically to your pregnancy week, level and symptoms. With Keleya you are not only fit during pregnancy, but also ready for birth!

**Get the vitamins needed to your pregnancy with our individual nutrition plan**
Vegan and pregnant? Heartburn and iron deficiency? We got you covered.

**Reduce your stress with breathing exercises and meditations**
Re-centre, reduce anxiety & sleep better with our prenatal meditations especially addressing the changes in your body and life.

**Knowledge is power- Tune in to Keleya's podcasts and Expert articles**
Dive into the world of Keleya's podcasts and uncover taboo topics from our guests interviews and our pre-natal coach, Sarah.

**Track your baby development**
How big is your baby now? Get weekly updates in the app about every milestone of your baby (&you)

+ Health tutorials and coach
+ Personalised yoga and pilates workout programs that are completely safe.
+ Fantastic healthy recipes.
+ Time saving recipes.
+ Tracking tools and weekly newsletter via email.
+ Weekly symptoms analysis and tracker.
+ Graphical insights into the size of your baby by week.
+ Personal achievements program.
+ Invite your friends and share the app.
+ Weekly statistics and progress reports.
+ Responsible coaching by professionals.

Our FREE VERSION consists of a limited workouts and recipes. For the full personalised experience- upgrade to PREMIUM:

+ The 6-month subscription costs €4,83 a month.
+ The 3-month subscription costs €4,83 a month.
+ The 1-month subscription costs €9,99 a month.

Costs will be converted to your markets local currency. The amount will be deducted from your iTunes account when you make a purchase.

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Keleya Blog:

Keleya Digital Health Solutions UG disclaims any responsibility for the abuse and misuse of the app or its content. Using the app does not replace the personal advice of a midwife or doctor, nor does it promise to alleviate the pain that can arise during pregnancy.
All information is provided for general informational purposes only. Should you have any concerns about your health, please see a doctor.

The download and use of this pregnancy wellness app is free.
Get the app as a subscription, with the complete library of exercises and recipes that will be customised for you and your pregnancy week.

If you choose to purchase a subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Keleya subscription automatically renews unless turned off. Auto renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your Account Settings after purchase. You can update your subscription in your Account Settings or in the Subscription Management section of the app settings. For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.



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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Keleya?

Keleya is an all-in-one app for pregnancy that offers personalized prenatal workouts, nutrition plans, podcasts, expert articles, and tips related to symptoms.

How does Keleya help with staying fit during pregnancy?

Keleya provides tailored workouts specifically designed for each pregnancy week, level, and symptoms, helping pregnant women stay fit and prepared for birth.

Does Keleya offer nutrition plans?

Yes, Keleya offers individualized nutrition plans to ensure pregnant women get the necessary vitamins and address specific dietary needs such as being vegan, heartburn, or iron deficiency.

Can Keleya help reduce stress during pregnancy?

Yes, Keleya includes breathing exercises and prenatal meditations that can help pregnant women reduce stress, re-center themselves, reduce anxiety, and sleep better.

What additional knowledge and resources does Keleya provide?

Keleya offers podcasts and expert articles covering a range of topics related to pregnancy, including taboo subjects, interviews with guests, and insights from their prenatal coach.

Does Keleya help track baby development?

Yes, Keleya provides weekly updates on the milestones and development of the baby, allowing users to track their baby's growth.

What are the benefits of the premium version of Keleya?

The premium version of Keleya offers health tutorials, personalized yoga and pilates workout programs, fantastic healthy recipes, time-saving recipes, tracking tools, a weekly newsletter, symptom analysis, graphical insights into baby size, personal achievements program, social features, statistics, and responsible coaching by professionals.

How much does the premium version of Keleya cost?

The premium version of Keleya offers a 6-month subscription for €4,83 per month, a 3-month subscription for €4,83 per month, and a 1-month subscription for €9,99 per month.

Does Keleya have a social community?

Yes, Keleya has a social community presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. They also have a blog called Keleya Blog.

Is Keleya a certified CE medical app?

Yes, Keleya is a certified CE medical app. However, it is important to note that it does not replace personal advice from a midwife or doctor and cannot promise to alleviate pregnancy-related pain.

Is Keleya free to download and use?

Yes, the download and use of Keleya app are free. However, there is a premium version with additional features and content available through a subscription.

How does the subscription for Keleya work?

If you choose to purchase a subscription, it will be charged to your iTunes account. The subscription automatically renews unless turned off, and you can manage it in your Account Settings.
Nachdem ich und meine Frau uns nun durch mehrere Schwangerschafts-Apps gekämpft haben, war habe wir uns letztlich für Keleya entschieden. Der Geburtsvorvereitubgskurs ist enorm hilfreich und informative. Bes...
Niklas Henckell
love the design, love the personality of the app and love the great workout videos!
Fabian Friede
Excellent advice to remain healthy throughout pregnancy. Loved the recipes!
Yoga auch in der Schwangerschaft Ich mag die Yogaübungen, da ich sie prima daheim machen kann. Allerdings würd ich mir wünschen, dass es hier noch fitnesslastigere Übungen gibt. Aber die langen Workouts br...
Sandy S
I liked the pregnancy yoga especially since it is suited to my symptoms!
A Google user
Ich brauche die App seit der 24 SSW fast täglich und bin total begeistert. Die Workouts sind perfekt angepasst auf die jeweilige Schwangerschaftswoche, entwickeln sich mit und ich fühle mich danach immer ...
Sandra Misteli