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About Free Pregnancy & Baby Tracker App: Preglife

With a 4.8 (☆☆☆☆☆) stars rating, used by 90% of pregnant women in Sweden,
we are proud to introduce Sweden’s leading free pregnancy app on Google Play -
Free Pregnancy & Baby Tracker Journal: Preglife

Sweden has one of the best health care systems in the world and an almost zero maternal death rate. Most people would be content with that, but we want more. We believe that knowledge is power and that more knowledge increases the chance of a safe pregnancy, birth, and a healthy child. Through Preglife, we aim to empower pregnant women and their partners by providing accurate, up-to-date parenthood information so that they can make the best choices for themselves, their newborn and their families during these weeks of wonder. It is towards this end that we created Preglife in the first place, and it is why the team shows up every day at the office where we devote ourselves to making this app the best it can be.

❀❀❀ Download Preglife now, and know exactly what to expect! Get all the knowledge science has to offer, organized in a personal, accessible & relevant way❀❀❀

❉Pregnancy Calendar & Baby Growth Tracker - know what to expect week by week; personal guides, tutorials, and tips for pregnant women, their infant, and their partners
❉First year baby development Tracker - track and monitor newborn development & baby growth
❉Diary + Photos Organizer & Journal - upload your baby bump & newborn pics, write down your feelings and thoughts, and create your very own storybook to always remind you of these weeks of wonder
❉Get all the information you need - steadily growing archive of articles, a video-on-demand (VOD) service, and other smart tools, regarding the pregnancy and newborn first year development face.
❉Latest up-to-date Research Center Data - get only the most relevant and updated information

When Free Pregnancy App & Baby Tracker: Preglife was first launched in Sweden back in 2010 we had no idea the impact it would have on Swedish society. We know now. Preglife is presently used by more than 90% of all mothers-to-be in Sweden and by roughly 75% of all mothers-to-be in Northern Europe.

Now we are on a mission to empower pregnant women and families living in the U.S. by sharing all the wonderful knowledge we have accumulated regarding parenthood. Information provided in this app stems from the latest pregnancy and childbirth research milestones and has been written by, or in collaboration with, health care professionals such as doctors, midwives, and others. Ahead of the U.S. release, health care professionals working in our U.S. center have modified the details for the U.S. market.

Preglife has both a countdown pregnancy calendar and an infant development milestones tracker center. The pregnancy calendar contains weekly texts to guide you and your partner through all weeks of wonder, of stepping into parenthood. Some weeks you will even find tutorial videos based on photographs by world-famous Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson.

Once the bump disappeared and the countdown had finally ended, our baby development & growth tracker journal can help you track newborn development milestones after giving birth to your child. Use the app to monitor the ten mental leaps that occur during your baby’s first 75 weeks of wonder as defined by Dutch researchers Van De Rijt & Plooij in 2006. We also provide monthly information regarding your baby’s physical and mental development along with tips and advice.

❀❀❀Don’t wait! Try us out and know what to expect - download the Free Pregnancy App & Baby Growth Tracker: Preglife now, and make sure your journey into parenthood is as wonderful as it can be❀❀❀

Team Preglife

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Preglife?

Preglife is a free pregnancy and baby tracker app that provides accurate and up-to-date information for pregnant women and their partners, helping them make informed choices for a safe pregnancy and a healthy child.

How reliable is Preglife?

Preglife is used by 90% of pregnant women in Sweden and has a 4.8-star rating, indicating its reliability and popularity among users.

What features does Preglife offer?

Preglife offers a pregnancy calendar and baby growth tracker, a first-year baby development tracker, a diary and photo organizer, a library of articles and videos, and the latest research center data.

Who provides the information in Preglife?

The information in Preglife is provided by health care professionals, including doctors and midwives, and is based on the latest pregnancy and childbirth research milestones.

What countries is Preglife available in?

Preglife was first launched in Sweden and is currently used by 90% of all mothers-to-be in Sweden and 75% of all mothers-to-be in Northern Europe. It is now also available in the United States.

What can I expect from the pregnancy calendar in Preglife?

The pregnancy calendar in Preglife provides weekly texts, tutorial videos, and guidance for each week of pregnancy, helping you and your partner navigate the journey into parenthood.

What does the baby development tracker in Preglife offer?

The baby development tracker in Preglife helps you monitor and track newborn development milestones during your baby's first 75 weeks, including mental leaps and physical and mental development.

How can I download Preglife?

You can download Preglife for free on Google Play. Just search for "Free Pregnancy & Baby Tracker: Preglife" and install the app.

Is Preglife available in languages other than Swedish?

The text does not mention any other language availability, so it is assumed that Preglife is currently only available in Swedish and English.

How can I contact the Preglife team for support or inquiries?

Unfortunately, the text does not provide any information regarding contacting the Preglife team.
Exceptional step by step of what's happening to the female body while creating another life. The videos, checklists, & medical "journal" to record bp/weight/etc are very helpful to have.
Erin McMahon
Must have app during pregnancy.
Rashid A.
Great app to keep track of where your at during your pregnancy. Easy to use and share also
Kristen Burnson
Really informative and well thought out app. They keep referring to the baby as "HER". I don't know if that is a setting but if it isn't then fix that please. You're making me nervous
Jakes Visser
Great app. Every week is described for child, mother-to-be and the partner. The information helps to understand what happening and what should be expected.
Yana Labutina
Very good
Sulamit Burmeister