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About EasyTiles

EasyTiles™ – Custom Glass Photo Prints
Your best memories printed on lightweight glass photo tiles
• Your favorite photos, straight from your phone to your wall
• Ultra-lightweight tempered glass photo tiles, guaranteed for life
• Affordably priced so you can build a whole gallery!

EasyTiles are truly custom home décor. Each one is an 8x8-inch raised tempered glass tile that’s easy to stick to any surface. No hammer or nails required. Just peel back four small adhesive tabs and find the perfect spot on your wall. Change your mind? No worries. Easily remove your glass photo tiles and reposition them anywhere you like.
Say goodbye to old-school picture frames and canvases. With EasyTiles glass wall art your favorite photos are literally printed onto ultra-lightweight tempered glass and then mounted onto a raised block so that they appear to float on your wall. Our glass photo prints are strong, durable and guaranteed for life!

Creating EasyTiles is fun and easy. Just select photos from your phone or virtually anywhere and tell us where you’d like them shipped. It’s just that simple!
Our glass photo prints are economical and a totally unique way to make a grand statement on any wall in your home or office.
It’s beyond easy.
• Select your photos. Crop them if you wish.
• Your glass photo prints will arrive on your doorstep in just days.
• You’ll find yourself coming back regularly to add to your collection.

Our customers love us! Check out our reviews.
“I love the app! Delivery was fast. Pictures came out better than expected! Mine been hanging on my wall a little over a year now. I was also able to rearrange them when I changed my room around. Didn't peel the paint off or anything. I love the glass tiles!!!”
- Janisa Murray
“I must say I am in love with my tiles. The delivery was really quick and my pictures looks amazing. I love them. I will be ordering more.”
- Patricia Rivera
We know you are going to love your EasyTiles experience. In fact, we’re so confident that we are pleased to provide an unconditional money-back guarantee. If within the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will happily provide a complete refund.
We also provide a lifetime guarantee against defects. Your glass photo prints will arrive perfect and stay that way. We guarantee it or we will gladly provide you with a replacement at any time with absolutely no charge.

Your photos are more than just memories captured on your phone. They speak to your values, your priorities. They memorialize your creative abilities. And they deserve more than an old-school picture frame or canvas.
We introduced our EasyTiles app to deliver high-end contemporary wall décor from the convenience of a mobile device. And EasyTiles delivers with the perfect combination of affordability, simplicity and exclusive luxury materials.
We want to welcome you to the growing family of enthusiastic EasyTiles customers. We’re glad you’re here! We believe you’ll find our app, products and services to be the very best in the business. We hope you enjoy using EasyTiles!
Copyright © 2012-2019 PlanetArt, LLC. All rights reserved. EasyTiles is a trademark of PlanetArt, LLC.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are EasyTiles?

EasyTiles are custom glass photo prints that allow you to display your favorite photos on lightweight tempered glass tiles.

How do EasyTiles work?

EasyTiles are easy to use. Simply peel back the adhesive tabs on the back of the glass photo tiles and stick them to any surface. They can be easily removed and repositioned without leaving a mark.

Are EasyTiles durable?

Yes, EasyTiles are made from ultra-lightweight tempered glass and are guaranteed for life. They are strong and durable, perfect for displaying your photos on any wall.

How can I create EasyTiles?

Creating EasyTiles is simple. Just select your photos from your phone or other devices and provide us with the shipping details. Your glass photo prints will be delivered to your doorstep in just a few days.

Can I add to my collection of EasyTiles?

Absolutely! Many customers find themselves coming back regularly to add to their collection of glass photo prints.

What do customers think of EasyTiles?

Our customers love EasyTiles! They appreciate the fast delivery, the high-quality prints, and the ability to easily rearrange the tiles without causing any damage to the wall.

What guarantee does EasyTiles offer?

EasyTiles offers an unconditional money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchase. Additionally, there is a lifetime guarantee against defects, ensuring that your glass photo prints will arrive perfect and stay in great condition.

What is EasyTiles' mission?

EasyTiles aims to provide high-end contemporary wall décor through their app, offering a combination of affordability, simplicity, and exclusive luxury materials. They want to deliver the best products and services in the business.

Is there a copyright on EasyTiles?

Yes, EasyTiles is a trademark of PlanetArt, LLC. Copyright © 2012-2019 PlanetArt, LLC. All rights reserved.
Have used all the apps for several years. Love them. So glad I stumbled upon FreePrints!!!
Tina Oneal
Hello , I always thought that pics look nice in frames but finding easy tiles pics look more beautiful. I had saw a commercial on television to something similiar to Easy tiles but they were preferring to th...
Juan Pagan
Very satisfied with my order , money was worth it , the quality of the tile is fantastic
Ivan Michaca
Beautiful just beautiful
Dawnmarie Davison
The app is easy to use & the pictures are great but shipping was slow. But it could be due to the holiday season. Love this app!!!!
Debbie Miller
They turned out even better than I expected ! They are beautiful. Hung them up immediately super quick and easy!!
Kelly Brock