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About Baby Names. Boy and Girl Names 👶

Baby Names book is the most convenient application for choosing a name for a child. You no longer need to buy a large baby names book for reference, or write out the names and their meaning. More than 32,000 different baby names for your future child are available and always at your fingertip! Not to mention, you get this baby names book for free! 👶

Many parents pay a lot of attention to the meaning of the name they choose for the babies. Others give special significance to religious figures, the calendar, they associate the choice with name-days, and they determine the day of the angel.

Not sure on a name yet? Download the Baby Names app and select girl’s name or boy’s name. Get access to a huge and convenient library, which surely has the ideal name for your child!

Picking a boys name 👦

When making a boys name list, parents are trying to find masculine traits. It is believed that the meaning of names can affect the character and even the fate of their carriers. Therefore, the names of boys in their native language are often courage, fortitude, bravery, strength, dignity and honesty. Choosing a name for a boy, you need to pay special attention to the combination with the last name. After all, your heir is the successor of the race.

Picking a girls name 👧

Finding a name for a girl is not easy. Parents want to show their care, love, reflect kindness. It is important how diminutive name variations sound. Of particular importance are the names for girls: growing up, they pay attention to their individuality.

Features of the application:

✔️ Convenient Navigation

Scroll to the right - if you like the name, and to the left - if the name is disliked, so that it does not come up again. Favorite names are saved and always at hand.

✔️ Name Compatibility

We’ll instantly show you how the first, middle and last name look together

✔️ Quick discussion with relatives

Any name can be shared by sending it through other applications and instant messengers.

✔️ Start choosing a baby name before you know the gender

You can save your favorite names of children - both girls and boys, if the ultrasound does not yet give an accurate answer, you will have a little son or a daughter, and later it will be less of a hassle for you to pick your choice.

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Great app with good names
George Augustin
I love 😍😘🎀💓💓💓🎀🎀💓💓💓 it was amazing
Erin Henline
I like it, it's fun especially if you really don't know what you're looking for just yet. I loved the unique names, multicultural names, and spelling variations. If you already have names in mind or know you...
Heidi Keen
Jason Molzon
Great me n mhy bf already got baby names for 6 kids
Kelsey Hinote
It's very hard to find a good name when you're pregnant but this helps
Ariel Blackwell