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About Daily Haloha - Self Reflection Questions

Daily Haloha is a simple daily routine to help you feel a little more connected to yourself and the rest of humanity.

It starts with one intriguing fill-in-the-blank question for the whole world each day. Just fill in the blanks with "you". Then see how the rest of the world responds! It's a chance to be inspired, uplifted and encourage positive thinking.

There’s no judgment here. It’s all anonymous. Just a chance to come together for a shared human moment of self reflection.

"An app that offers a place to reflect and connect, without the possibility of judgment or anger." - Mindful Technology

"...inspires you to think more deeply each day about a simple, but profound topic; and helps you feel more connected to your fellow humans around the world." - Center for Compassionate Leadership


A Haloha is a simple, thought-provoking question that gives us an opportunity for self reflection, imagination, and creativity.

Here are a few examples :

• If I had the courage, I would ____________________________
• If my body could talk, it would tell me ___________________
• You would never guess by looking at me that ___________
• I want to be remembered for ____________________________
• My theme song should be _______________________________


1. Daily Haloha starts with you

Take a moment for yourself, each day, to consider the question. An exercise of self reflection.

Remember, you only answer the day’s Haloha question once, so make it count! A Haloha is a chance to truly be yourself and express your thoughts honestly, because Halohas are anonymous and free of judgment. Once you fill in the blanks, select a Mood color that best fits your Haloha. And then you’re ready to offer your personal Haloha to the rest of the world!

2. Pay it forward

When you send your Haloha, it's randomly and anonymously delivered to another person somewhere in the world – and instantly you’ll get a Haloha back from another thoughtful and curious person. You can even see where in the world that Haloha came from. Then you can select a Response sticker to let the sender know they were heard!

Be a part of the bigger picture

All the Halohas from the day are posted on the Haloha Wall so you can see what the world is thinking and feeling about the day’s question. You can save any Haloha to your personal journal, and also share them out to any of your social or personal channels. Remember to check the countdown clock to see when a new Haloha question will be available!

This simple routine is a moment of self reflection, connection and gratitude to fuel and nourish your day.


Help: Email us at [email protected]
Questions/suggestions: Email us at [email protected]


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this is the most wholesome app of all time, and I love it
Coral Reef
Beautiful app. I have no words. It gives a good vibe
Boobana Chandran
A safe space to release, think, influence and be influenced positively.
Dar Mixon
Such a great app. It helps me deal with my problems and stay positive. I would recommend everyone to download this beautiful app :)
Kurupted_ X7
I love this app a lot. Can we have dark mode please?
Muzzammil Ishaque
I love this app, very inspirational!!! every morning while drinking my coffee I write my haloha
Jessica Walsh