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About PTSD Coach

PTSD Coach was designed for Veterans and military Servicemembers who have, or may have, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This app provides users with education about PTSD, information about professional care, a self-assessment for PTSD, opportunities to find support, and tools that can help users manage the stresses of daily life with PTSD. Tools range from relaxation skills and positive self-talk to anger management and other common self-help strategies. Users can customize tools based on their preferences and can integrate their own contacts, photos, and music. This app can be used by people who are in treatment as well as those who are not.

PTSD Coach was created by VA’s National Center for PTSD and DoD’s National Center for Telehealth & Technology.

Exceptionally useful tool for identifying behaviors and triggers.
Mark Davisson
I love it! This app has been a benifical blessing!
michele lee price-peterson
Really great at tracking progress, easy to Access, some of the exercises breathing techniques can be done in less than 5mins. I use it on good days too.
Nafta Nurse