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About Angrr - Anger management simplified.

Angrr is a comprehensive anger management app designed to help you deal with anger and the stress associated with it. Angrr can help you control and effectively resolve any problems that arise from issues related to anger. The app was conceptualized and created by a psychiatrist and is meant to be a complete solution to help you control anger. The app is organised into several sections which can help you understand and deal with anger issues.

The app contains the following sections.

1)The anger test - Taking this short test will help you identify your anger problems.

2)The second section would involve a short peek into the physical symptoms of anger.

3)Anger and its root causes are discussed with several helpful examples. This will help you relate to several issues. You may either read these sections or listen to them being read out aloud.

4)The section on forgiveness explains why one needs to forgive and also provides a simple tool to involve your friends/loved ones in helping you get past issues.

5)We introduce the PEAce method to deal with anger. PEAce stands for pause, evaluate and act.

6)The pause section consists of 4 different exercises that can help you calm down.

a) Fidget - You will have to tap an image till your mind returns to calm.
b)Move- You may walk, run, jump or shake till the counter gets to 0.
c)Breathe - A breathing assistant with a voice prompt and a visual cue.
d)Calm - A guided mindfulness exercise to help you control anger.

7)The evaluate and act section includes the anger journal. The anger journal will help resolve the thoughts that are leading to anger. This section will also serve as an anger diary which you can review anytime.

Once you are done with the sections that help you understand anger, you may use the "Angry Now" button to quickly get you to the useful sections.

If the voices in the app sound robotic, please make sure that you have text to speech configured in your phones TTS settings.

We hope this app helps you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Angrr?

Angrr is a comprehensive anger management app designed to help you deal with anger and the stress associated with it.

Who created Angrr?

Angrr was conceptualized and created by a psychiatrist.

What sections does the app contain?

The app contains several sections including an anger test, information on physical symptoms of anger, discussion on anger and its root causes, a section on forgiveness, introduction of the PEAce method, a pause section with calming exercises, and an evaluate and act section with an anger journal.

How can the app help me control anger?

The app provides tools and information to help you understand and effectively resolve anger issues.

How can I calm down using the app?

The app includes a pause section with exercises like fidgeting, movement, breathing exercises, and guided mindfulness exercises.

What is the purpose of the anger journal?

The anger journal helps resolve the thoughts that lead to anger and serves as an anger diary for review.

How can I access specific sections quickly?

You can use the "Angry Now" button in the app to quickly navigate to the useful sections.

What should I do if the voices in the app sound robotic?

Please ensure that you have text-to-speech configured in your phone's TTS settings.

Who is the target audience for this app?

The app is designed for anyone dealing with anger and looking for ways to manage it effectively.

How can I involve my friends/loved ones in the anger management process?

The app provides a simple tool in the forgiveness section to involve your friends/loved ones in helping you get past anger issues.
I like this app alot, its helped me to no longer yell or shout at people if i get angry but to try to better understand the situation and to talk about it more openly. It is also really helpful in a sense of...
Chad Racer
Love it
Alina Mweutyakana
Jack Tolindo
Sukreeti Krishan
This si good!
Olivia Anne
Anger is your greatest enemy. This app does justice ⚖ to its description. Great to have this app on my Galaxy Note9.
Mudasir Sharif