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About Uptime: 5-min Knowledge Hacks

πŸ”Ž Discover new ideas and insights from over 1500+ books, educational courses, and documentaries with dozens of new Hacks added each week.

πŸ•° Productive learning at its best. Our expert team and technology sifts through millions of knowledge sources to bring you only the best and most relevant educational Hacks, so you don't have to.

🧠 Smarter insights and ideas to keep you informed and save you time.

πŸ’‘Our Hacks Empower The educational benefits of our insights are instant, and the knowledge is yours to keep. Uptime's unique visual stories make learning fun, engaging and shareable. We distil clever ideas from over a thousand leading authors, instructors, and creative minds -including but not limited to the New York Times bestseller list and MasterClass.

⭐️ Productive Learning

Be one step ahead, because smarter knowledge is power. Get the relevant and up to date knowledge you need to be more productive, creative, healthy, and successful - fast.

πŸ“š Read More

If you love a Knowledge Hack and want more depth, we provide a link to purchase each book, course and documentary in full at the end of each Hack. For smarter learning, all day every day!

πŸŽ“ Learn and share

Share your favorite clever Hacks and insights any time with all your curious friends, relations and co-workers. Learn and grow together. Because sharing is caring.

πŸ’° Bang for your buck

Uptime has invested millions of dollars to give you access to a wealth of invaluable stories, videos, as well as audio and book summaries - all for free for a limited time. That's because we strongly believe great insights and smarter Hacks should be available to everyone.

Please join and share your feedback with the number one Knowledge Hacking app. Making learning Fun. Onwards & Uptime!

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