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About TasRix: Task Management Matrix

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least -GOATHE

TasRix is easy to use task management app, it acquires its core principle from Eisenhower matrix, helps you identify and prioritize important tasks.

How to use ?

The idea is to prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency, resulting in 4 quadrants

Quadrant 1: Important, Urgent
- Problems requiring immediate action
- Project Deadlines

Quadrant 2: Important, Not-Urgent
- Long term goals
- Maintaining good health
- Relationship building

Quadrant 3: Not-Important, Urgent
- Phone calls, emails
- Live entertainment event

Quadrant 4: Not-Important, Not-Urgent
- Time wasters

Effective people focus most of the time on Quadrant 2 building themselves, so you should focus most of the time at this quadrant. Of course, Quadrant 1 is vital to complete everyday challenges.

To know more about the effective use of the Time management matrix, read "The 7 habits of highly effective people".


- Add/delete/update notes
- Set due date/time
- Subscribe/Unsubscribe push notifications
- Works offline

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Nice. Sweet and simple.
Vikas Taneja
Very nice app, I like the minimalistic design. Is there a widget planned?
Martin D
Very good application.This application minimise our precious time as well.
alagappan chidambaram
Much Anticipated App finally has come User Friendly and task tab are presentable
Alagappan Veer
It's a nice app. I'd like a small widget that previews all tasks. At least the numbers let category.
Federico Navarrete
Good app,easy to use..
Divyah Nachiyappan