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About OpenTasks

An Open Source task app in Material Design.

This app supports basic task management and provides user friendly user interface.

To complete a task in the list view, just hold it for a moment and fling it from the left to the right.
To edit a task fling it from the right to the left.

NOTE: This task app doesn't support recurring tasks yet. You'll see recurring tasks, but you can not edit single instances. Any changes you make will apply to the entire series! Please keep that in mind.

It works in Android 2.x, but it's optimized for Android 4.x. Support for Android 2.x will be improved in future releases.

Open source
The app is open source. Please feel free to join the development at:

Report bugs
To report bugs, please use this bug tracker:

Features still to come:
* more translations
* support for recurring tasks
* support for alarms
* support for categories
* sortings and filters
* many more

Please don't rate missing features, but only features the app already has. The app is still under development and lots of fancy stuff is still to come.

At present the app doesn't use the "read contacts" permission. This permission has been added in advance for future releases. It's planned to support adding attendees to tasks and to provide auto-completion for the contacts.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is OpenTasks?

OpenTasks is an open source task app that has a user-friendly interface and supports basic task management.

How do I complete a task in OpenTasks?

To complete a task in OpenTasks, simply hold it for a moment in the list view and fling it from the left to the right.

How do I edit a task in OpenTasks?

To edit a task in OpenTasks, fling it from the right to the left.

Does OpenTasks support recurring tasks?

No, OpenTasks does not support recurring tasks yet. Any changes you make to a task will apply to the entire series.

What versions of Android does OpenTasks work on?

OpenTasks works on Android 2.x, but it is optimized for Android 4.x. Future releases will improve support for Android 2.x.

Is OpenTasks open source?

Yes, OpenTasks is open source. You can join the development at:

How do I report bugs in OpenTasks?

To report bugs in OpenTasks, please use the bug tracker at:

What features are still to come in OpenTasks?

Some features that are still to come in OpenTasks include more translations, support for recurring tasks, support for alarms, support for categories, sortings and filters, and many more.

Can I rate missing features in OpenTasks?

No, please only rate the features that the app already has. OpenTasks is still under development and more features are yet to come.

Does OpenTasks use the "read contacts" permission?

At present, OpenTasks does not use the "read contacts" permission. It has been added in advance for future releases to support adding attendees to tasks and providing auto-completion for the contacts.
Very thorough features and full colour selection. But I think the "some day" grouping is misconceived. I think "some day" should mean that no date is attached, and the date range from 2 to 6 days should be c...
Heidi van Schaik
Mike Edwards
Would be nice if it did not default UT zone, but my phones time zone. Excellent app otherwise.
Brett Johnson
Please add dark theme if you can!
A James
Works great and easy
Simple and easy to use. Great for reminders of upcoming events and need-to-do items. Some reviewers have complained about the lack of features but it meets my needs very well.
Jeff Vossler