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About Taskito – Timeline based to-do list & task manager

Taskito is a timeline based task management app to help you organize day-to-day and achieve bigger goals in life. This todo list app emphasizes on keeping your daily tasks small and achievable.

💯 Keep daily goals small, life goals bigger

Creating separate lists or projects to manage daily goals is inefficient. A timeline / calendar based to do list app helps boost productivity. Download now and see your productivity increase.

🤩 Taskito is an ad free task app

This timeline app shows all your items on a day to day basis which helps in setting realistic goals. A powerful todo calendar where you can schedule the day to the T.

Taskito has a very simple & straightforward design. This simple task list app is packed with a lot of features and customizations.

📜 Timeline

The timeline includes a task calendar, reminders, notes, plans & calendar events. Customize the appearance to make it a bullet journal (BuJo), log book, Eisenhower matrix, 1-3-5 model - anything you wish.

🎯 Planning board

While it’s important to focus on the daily checklist, we must plan for the future. Let’s be ambitious!

Create projects, add plans & bring your ideas to life. Once the plans are added in the productivity planner, take some to refine it, add checklists.

Tasks and notes

Any simple task list app has the basic functionalities. Create a task reminder with alarm, color coded tags, priority, task checklist & details. It will automatically be added to your todo calendar.

Not everything is planned. You can add notes or logs to your Timeline. With this functionality, Taskito turns into a task tracker. Go back in time 6 months or a year for retrospective and self reflection.

📅 Calendar Events 🆕

Import your calendar events to the timeline. This will help you schedule your day much more effectively.

✔️ Checklist

Break down your daily agenda into smaller chunks by creating a checklist. A To do checklist is easily configurable – Drag & drop to reorder. Add checklists to plans, notes & templates.

A checklist is helpful to make grocery or shopping lists, morning or gym routine.

Repeating reminders

No overdue or pending tasks – Simple reminders! Create daily, weekly and monthly recurring reminders to help you remember important events. Same as a task reminder, a reminder notification alarm will be sent.

🏷️ Tags

Unlimited color coded tags for your to do diary. Attach tags to everything for better categorization.

🔖 Templates

No productivity planner is complete without templates. Create a checklist template for grocery list or routines. Import the template and your task agenda will be planned.

📱 Widget

Highly customizable to-do calendar widget. Choose from 15+ themes and set the transparency to match the wallpaper. This to-do list widget can be customized to display the items that you wish.

🎨 Themes

15+ themes including dark, light and some vibrant colors. A to-do app can be good to look at!

We are working on making Taskito the best task manager app. Recurring tasks are coming soon!

Taskito was previously named Werklog.

Taskito is available in 8 languages – English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Português, русский, 简体中文, Tiếng Việt. Help us bring it in your language as well –

Check out the official blog for tips & tricks to improve productivity –

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Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]


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srenu Mail
Just started using taskito. So far it is superior to other task management apps. $5 to unlock all features with a 15 day free trial. Well worth a download. Great project management section as well. Nice job. 💪
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Nathalie Lacap
One of the better task management apps I've encountered. Simple, pulls in calendar, only needs a Pomodoro timer and will be perfect and well worth the Paid version.
Kenneth Button
Good App. Great UI
Ansar Ahmed
Haven't seen a productivity app this nice in a while. It's simple and intuitive and it just plain works, the best kind of software. Just what I need to stay organized and efficient, no confusing or irrelevan...
Amanda King