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About Alison: Free Online Courses with Certificates

With Alison's 2000+ totally free online courses, you will learn anywhere, at your own pace.

First job? Seeking a promotion or job change?
Alison's courses are designed so you can upskill quickly and earn certificates to boost your hiring chances.

Hundreds of NEW online courses every month in the most searched learning categories:

◾ IT
◾ Business
◾ Languages
◾ Health
◾ Science
◾ Marketing
◾ Math
◾ Skilled Trades
◾ Arts and Crafts
... and many more!


◾ Enroll for free in any course.
◾ Take the FREE Assessment to earn certificates and diplomas.


The learning app also comes with a range of handy tools in your Personal Dashboard:

◾ Track your learning stats
◾ List of all courses you enrolled
◾ Easy access to 2000+ courses
◾ Direct access to Alison customer support


On your way to work, in a park, at the airport, whenever you get a moment you can complete another course topic and get that bit closer to your next Certificate or even Diploma.
With the Alison learning app, you can learn any time at all.


Join 17 million students in one of the world’s largest free online learning platforms.

Learn for free.
Boost your Career.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of courses does Alison offer?

Alison offers a wide range of courses in categories such as IT, Business, Languages, Health, Science, Marketing, Math, Skilled Trades, Arts and Crafts, and more.

Are Alison's courses free?

Yes, you can enroll in any course on Alison for free.

Can I earn certificates and diplomas from Alison?

Yes, you can take the free assessment to earn certificates and diplomas.

How many courses are available on Alison?

Alison offers over 2000 courses for you to choose from.

Can I access Alison's courses on a mobile device?

Yes, Alison has a learning app that allows you to access courses and use handy tools in your personal dashboard.

Can I learn at my own pace with Alison's courses?

Yes, you can learn anywhere and at your own pace with Alison's courses.

Is Alison's learning platform popular?

Yes, Alison has over 17 million students and is one of the world's largest free online learning platforms.

Is Alison's learning app convenient to use?

Yes, you can learn anytime and anywhere with the Alison learning app.

How can I get support from Alison?

You can have direct access to Alison's customer support through the learning app.
Super app to learn for all job
click to see what you want
Excellent resources... And its free..
Atif Bhatti
This app is definitely good but I thought they give free certificate but they don't we need to pay for certificate.
Chetan More
Nice and eazy app to use and nice courses!!! Just not so easy to pay from south africa
Eugene rossouw
Great app I am learning so much from the course I am currently enrolled in and it will help me in the future on the job.
Christine Cheaton
It has always been a great learning experience so far it a wonderful opportunity Alison has given to me to stay at home and study comfortablely. Alison you're the best of all I love you all at Alison.
mary onazi