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About Bright – English for beginners

Learn English easily!

Welcome to the Bright: a smart and simple application for learning English.

Bright uses the best method of the interval repeating and a special memory training technique Fast Brain. Because of interactive teaching methods, users memorize 90% of information.

We prepared 38 sets of English words with different levels of difficulty: from beginner to pro. Exercises are voiced by native speakers. You can choose a male voice or a female voice in the settings.

Memorize at least 200 effective words every month and speak and translate without the dictionary. Just 8 words per day anytime, anywhere.

With Bright you’ll increase your vocabulary and quickly master a listening comprehension. You’ll remember a correct spelling and make your pronunciation better.

The application adjusts to you. Statistics of your results will enhance assessment of your knowledge and give you a motivation to move on.

Learn a real English together with Bright. Download an app and get an access to the free trial period.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Bright?

Bright is an application for learning English that uses interactive teaching methods and memory training techniques to help users memorize information efficiently.

How many sets of English words are available in Bright?

There are 38 sets of English words available in Bright, with different levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to pro.

Who voices the exercises in Bright?

The exercises in Bright are voiced by native speakers. Users can choose between a male voice or a female voice in the settings.

How many words should I aim to memorize every month with Bright?

It is recommended to memorize at least 200 effective words every month with Bright. This will allow you to speak and translate without relying heavily on a dictionary.

How many words do I need to learn per day with Bright?

With Bright, you should aim to learn just 8 words per day. This can be done at any time and anywhere.

What skills can I improve with Bright?

With Bright, you can increase your vocabulary, improve your listening comprehension, remember correct spelling, and enhance your pronunciation.

Does Bright adjust to my learning progress?

Yes, Bright adjusts to your learning progress. The application provides statistics of your results, which enhances the assessment of your knowledge and gives you motivation to keep learning.

Where can I download Bright?

You can download Bright by accessing the app store and searching for the application. It also offers a free trial period to new users.
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