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Say It: English Pronunciation made easy🎤✅ Screenshot 0
Say It: English Pronunciation made easy🎤✅ Screenshot 1
Say It: English Pronunciation made easy🎤✅ Screenshot 2
Say It: English Pronunciation made easy🎤✅ Screenshot 3
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About Say It: English Pronunciation made easy🎤✅

Do you find English pronunciation, speaking and listening difficult? Say It: English Pronunciation makes it easy for you to speak English with confidence and build your vocabulary!🎤✅

Our 35,000+ Oxford-model pronunciations (British or American accent) are visual, meaning you no longer have to guess how to say a word, or wonder how good your English pronunciation is.

🏆 Winner of the 2016 English-Speaking Union President's Award for New Technology in ELT. 🏆

Say It is simple and fun to use, and gets quick results:
💪 see the soundwave, the syllables, and which ones are stressed (strong)
👉 touch and drag to listen to the pronunciation more slowly
👆 tap the phonemes (we use the IPA symbols, British and American English)
🎤 record your pronunciation, and compare to the Oxford model
😀 share your voice recording and soundwave directly from the app via email

Download Say It today to improve your speaking, pronunciation and listening - ideal for studying at home! The free app has:

✔️ 100 British English and English File words
✔️ 4 tests
✔️ 12 sounds

“I have tried lots of pronunciation apps. Your app is unique and amazing. The sounds are very clear and you can see all details of pronunciation on the screen.” Say It user, Turkey

Using Say It, you can improve your:
✔️ speaking
✔️ pronunciation
✔️ listening
✔️ fluency
✔️ vocabulary
✔️ confidence
✔️ accent

IELTS, GMAT, TOEFL and other English exams - Say It covers 75%+ of the Academic Word List, so is a great resource for academic and exam English.

Business English learners will find pronunciations for professional English, as well as the tricky everyday words needed for networking.

Research shows that practising your English pronunciation improves all your language skills:
💬 Speaking
🎧 Listening
📚 Reading
🖋 Writing
✅ Grammar

Instant, personalised audio-visual feedback will help you identify precisely what you need to work on, to make yourself understood.

- Listen to the individual sounds in each word with interactive phonetic spelling
- Identify difficult sections in each word by slowing down the recordings – touch and drag
- Keep track of your progress - add a star rating to save recordings to your My Words list
- Test yourself across 3 levels or tap shuffle to try any word in the dictionary
- See where you need to improve by comparing your recording to the model

If you are a visual learner, improve your pronunciation using the English File sound chart. It’s designed to help you connect sounds to words and images, making learning easier. Tap an illustration to hear individual sounds from the phonetic alphabet and hear how it is pronounced as part of a word.

Teachers - our experience shows that students love to see Say It displayed on a smartboard! Simply connect your device to a compatible smartboard with a USB cable.

Say It generally requires devices released since 2017, running Android 8.0 or later, for optimal functionality, and is not yet optimised for tablets. The app offers access to some very large wordlists - please be aware that it can take a few minutes to download them, depending on your wifi access and your device.

You can share your recordings with teachers or friends via email. Say It audio and images are not currently optimised to share via other platforms, although this is a feature we'd like to add in future.

Say It: English Pronunciation has been downloaded in over 130 countries by a wide range of leaners: students, business people, medics, engineers and teachers.

With over 35,000 Oxford-model words to improve your accent and vocabulary, the app is suitable for learners from A1-C2 level. Why not download it today and see how Say It can help improve your British or American English speaking, pronunciation and listening?

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Say It?

Say It is an app that helps improve English pronunciation, speaking, and listening skills. It provides visual Oxford-model pronunciations and various interactive features to enhance learning.

What features does Say It offer?

Say It offers features such as seeing the soundwave and stressed syllables, listening to pronunciations at different speeds, tapping on phonemes for IPA symbols, recording and comparing your pronunciation to the Oxford model, and sharing voice recordings via email.

How can Say It help with English exams?

Say It covers 75%+ of the Academic Word List, making it a valuable resource for exam English. It can improve speaking, pronunciation, listening, fluency, vocabulary, confidence, and accent for exams like IELTS, GMAT, TOEFL, and more.

Who can benefit from Say It?

Say It is suitable for learners of English from A1-C2 levels. It has been downloaded in over 130 countries and has been helpful for students, business people, medics, engineers, and teachers.

What are some unique features of Say It?

Say It provides personalised audio-visual feedback, interactive phonetic spelling, progress tracking, star ratings for recordings, self-testing, and the ability to compare your pronunciation to the model. It also offers an English File sound chart for visual learners.

What devices are compatible with Say It?

Say It generally requires devices released since 2017, running Android 8.0 or later. It is not yet optimized for tablets.

Can I share my recordings with others?

Yes, you can share your recordings with teachers or friends via email. However, Say It audio and images are currently not optimized for sharing via other platforms.

Are there any limitations to downloading wordlists?

Say It offers access to large wordlists which may take a few minutes to download depending on your wifi access and device.

Has Say It received any awards?

Yes, Say It is the winner of the 2016 English-Speaking Union President's Award for New Technology in ELT.

How can teachers use Say It?

Teachers can display Say It on a smartboard by connecting a compatible device with a USB cable, providing an interactive learning experience for students.
This is a fantastic learning tool for really getting students to work on the specific sounds in words as well as taking into account stress and intonation. The visualisation is very useful way to illustrate ...
Anna Darby
I really like this app as I can practise as many times as I want, until I get the pronunciation right. I especially like the fact you can visualise your pronunciation. That helps a lot.
Sylvie Hardy
I posted bad review but I realised it was for another Say It app. This app is quite good.
Miro Just Miro
I just paid for the 35,000 British words and have downloaded the words but the application isn't highlighting except the ones it was highlighting before l purchased it Pls what's the problems
Shamsudeen Yusuf
Rated 5 stars! In fact, we can easily improve both our pronunciation and listening skill at the same time guided by a wave-pattern sound picture. And it's fun trying to mimic sounds of native speaker without...
Zayar Kyawmin
It had helped me with pronouncing words that i didn't know their pronounciation
Botshelo Kgaswe