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About BoldVoice

Get taught to sound clear and confident in your English by a Hollywood accent coach!

BoldVoice is a speech and accent coaching app for non-native English speakers developed at Harvard University.

BoldVoice features bite-sized video lessons from top Hollywood accent coaches, who teach actors and celebrities. You can practice, and get scores and immediate feedback on how to improve your pronunciation and clarity.

BoldVoice is designed for students and professionals who speak good English, but would like to polish their communication to be extra clear and effective when talking. BoldVoice can help you perform better and more confidently in meetings, job interviews, academic settings, and even social interactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is BoldVoice?

BoldVoice is a speech and accent coaching app developed at Harvard University for non-native English speakers.

Who are the coaches on BoldVoice?

The coaches on BoldVoice are top Hollywood accent coaches who teach actors and celebrities.

What can I expect from BoldVoice?

With BoldVoice, you can expect bite-sized video lessons, practice exercises, and immediate feedback on your pronunciation and clarity.

Who is BoldVoice designed for?

BoldVoice is designed for students and professionals who already speak good English but would like to further improve their communication skills and be more clear and effective when speaking.

How can BoldVoice help me?

BoldVoice can help you perform better and more confidently in various settings such as meetings, job interviews, academic environments, and even social interactions.
Great design!
Vibhav Khandelwal
This app is sooo good! I've improved my accent so much just a few weeks into the program to the point that my colleagues have called it out!
Miguel Fernandez Larrea
The best part is the practice sessions where it breaks down which phonetic elements you do well on and which need improvement. By hearing my recording compared to the coach's my next attempt is usually bette...
Igor Slootsky
Great app to improve your english diction! Highly recommend using it. As a hindi speaker moving to the US I struggled a lot with the right pronunciation of things, but this app tells me exactly where I'm mak...
Prabhav Khandelwal