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About Polygloss: Express yourself in another language

Are you feeling stuck in the "I can understand but I can't speak" part of your language learning journey? Despite all you've learned so far, do you feel you can't communicate? Look no more, Polygloss is right for you!

★ Guess images with friends.
★ Write creatively and increase your active vocabulary!
★ Available for 40+ languages for FREE.(English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Greek, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Welsh, Russian, Arabic, Esperanto, and many more)
★ Ideal for motivated beginners and intermediate language learners (A2-B2). Not recommended for complete beginners.
★ Works really well alongside popular language learning apps like Duolingo.

For most language learners, moving from ‘understanding’ to ‘communicating’ is difficult. Those first conversations are stressful and don’t get any results.

This is where Polygloss comes in. Our mission is to help language learners be independent and enjoy life using a foreign language.

How do we do it?

Polygloss is an image guessing game that offers you sufficient interaction, guidance and lets you express yourself with freedom. Using new words, in your own personal context, is the best method for increasing your vocabulary. Better than simply reading, re-reading and memorizing words out of context!
Polygloss works, is science-backed, and was awarded best paper* at the 9th NLP4CALL workshop series at The University of Gothenburg.

Why does it work?
It is normal for language learners to experience more language exposure than language creation. Language creation is hard and needs to be nurtured.

There are different ways to increase your active vocabulary (words that you have the ability to use, not just understand). This includes intense repetition, consuming content you enjoy (books, series, movies), flashcards, etc. These methods are great and should be part of any language learners tool kit.

But, there is another way to increase your active vocabulary. Simply by using words. Ideally in your own personalized context.

And that’s why Polygloss works. It allows you to start communicating in a low stress environment. Helping you easily increase your active vocabulary and communication confidence.

Ready to make the jump from understanding to communicating? Download Polygloss today.


🖼 Image based lessons give you something to talk about.
🙌 No translation required! Use words you know to describe what you see.
😌 Low stress opportunity to creatively use your target language.
✍ Receive feedback and improve your writing.
🤍 Add people as friends or get randomly paired with other players.
⭐ Collect stars and progress through dozens of topics.
🏆 Compete with other learners in optional daily writing challenges.
📖 Bookmark your favorite sentences and corrections for later study.
📣 No right, wrong or useless sentences. Say what you want to say!
👌 Get word and sentence tips (Available only in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. New languages and levels coming soon!)
👏 All minority and dialect languages possible. As long as you have a partner, you can play!

Coming soon:
🚀 See your vocabulary and learning stats.
🔊 Play with audio.
🎮 Review with mini games.

Polygloss is a work in progress
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Questions, suggestions or bug reports?
[email protected]


Q. What languages are available?
A. All of them! But it needs at least one other player in the same language so you can play together. Don’t forget to invite your friends!

Q. Is the app free?
A. Yes. There is an option to pay for a premium subscription with extra features, but all of the content is freely accessible.

Q. Is there a web version?
A. Not yet! After the iOS version is successful, we will evaluate creating a web version.

Privacy Policy:

*Link to award:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Polygloss?

Polygloss is an app that helps language learners move from understanding to communicating in a foreign language.

How does Polygloss work?

Polygloss is an image guessing game that allows users to express themselves and increase their active vocabulary through interaction and personal context.

Why is it important to increase active vocabulary?

Increasing active vocabulary helps language learners improve their communication confidence and ability to use words effectively.

How can Polygloss help in increasing active vocabulary?

Polygloss provides a low-stress environment for users to start communicating, which helps them easily increase their active vocabulary and confidence.

Is Polygloss free to use?

Yes, Polygloss is free to use, although there is an option to pay for a premium subscription with extra features.

Are all languages available in Polygloss?

Yes, all languages are available in Polygloss, but it requires at least one other player in the same language to play together.

Is there a web version of Polygloss?

Not yet, but there are plans to evaluate creating a web version after the iOS version is successful.

How can I contact Polygloss for questions or suggestions?

You can contact Polygloss through their social media accounts or email them at [email protected].
Very polished app. I it's a different take at learning and practicing new languages. I'd just like to point out that this color scheme maybe is a bit too vibrant. What about a lower key green? Cheers
Ariel Bello
It's well designed and I feel like I'm learning a lot
Tomasz Sakrejda
A really interesting concept and lots of people to practice with!
Alex Cyphus
This is one of the few language apps that focuses on intermediate level learners. It's great for A2-B2 learners, and it's fun!
Molly Murchison
Love it!
I love Polygloss! I enjoy being able to practice writing in different languages quickly and without a lot of pressure. This app makes practicing any number of languages simple and straightforward. I am excit...
Rebecca Burgio