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About Readle - Learn German Language with Stories & News

Readle is a new immersive concept and a fun German language learning app with more than 250 immersive news & stories for improving your language skills fast. Updated every single day. FREE download & start learning German today! 🇩🇪 🇩🇪 🇩🇪

★★Easily Read & Listen to German anytime anywhere - it just takes 5 minutes a day. ★★

Filter your level first and then choose the story or news you like. Forget that you are learning German instantly.

The +170 German grammar helpers and vocabulary section will help you understand on the way.

Work your way up fast from A1 beginner to an advanced C1 native. Expand your German vocabulary for TestDaF, Goethe Zertifikat or daily conversation vocabulary rapidly. Listening to the recording from Native speakers, perfect way to practice your german listening.

Learn German with stories and be part of the revolution:

【 Customized German Stories from the World 】
- Plenty of interesting story & news lessons for your own reading level from A1-A2-B1-B2-C1, allowing you to understand vocabulary and grammar in multiple contexts.

【 German Pronunciation 】
- All stories are recorded by High-German native speakers, which help you practice the most accurate German pronunciation and improve your german listening skills

【 Instant German Dictionary 】
- Lookup a word translation & explanation directly in every story with a tap on the word. No need to open Leo, Duden or other German English dictionary & translator

【 Story Grammar Helper & Key Vocabulary 】
- A detailed explanation of key grammar and key vocabulary for your story is a tap away. Learn how to finally use German grammar easily due to practicing in multiple contexts

【 Quiz to test your German skill】
- Each story offers a quiz to practice the grammar, vocabulary, German Articles (der, die, das) that you just learned. You can take the quiz as many times as you want – a great way to test your reading comprehension and prepare for your Goethe, DSH, the TestDaF and Telc German language exam!

【 Story Library & New Stories Daily】
250+ German stories in different categories are available to start learning German now, including New story on a daily basis.

- Travel
- Culture
- Food
- Latest News (DW - Deutsche Welle, ZDF, Tagesschau...etc.)
- Transportation
- Entertainment
- Science and Medical
- Technology
- People
- Parties

And many more!

A must-have language app for traveling and living in Germany, but also your best assistant for exams & tests, advanced study or self-study in German!

Download today and learn German fast and easy with Readle!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Readle?

Readle is a German language learning app that offers immersive news stories to help improve language skills.

How can Readle help in learning German?

Readle provides customized German stories, pronunciation practice, instant dictionary, grammar help, vocabulary explanations, quizzes, and a daily supply of new stories to facilitate learning German.

Is Readle suitable for beginners?

Yes, Readle caters to beginners as well as advanced learners, offering stories and news lessons in various levels from A1 to C1.

Can Readle help with exam preparation?

Yes, Readle can assist with exam preparation for TestDaF, Goethe Zertifikat, DSH, and Telc German language exams.

Are there different categories of stories available on Readle?

Yes, Readle offers stories in categories such as travel, culture, food, latest news, transportation, entertainment, science and medical, technology, people, and parties.

Does Readle have a daily supply of new stories?

Yes, Readle provides new stories on a daily basis to ensure continuous learning and engagement.

Is Readle suitable for those living or traveling in Germany?

Yes, Readle is a must-have language app for those living or traveling in Germany, offering assistance in daily conversation, exams, and advanced study.

Can Readle improve German listening skills?

Yes, Readle includes recordings by native speakers to help improve German listening skills and pronunciation.

Is Readle available for free?

Yes, Readle offers a free download, allowing users to start learning German without any cost.
Useful and interesting app
Ich mag sehr das app und recommend
Anderson Machado
Sehr gut app 😀👌
S Nagla
You're working hard and publishing a new story everyday. Keep making me amazed. I find really helpful to read daily subjects to improve my German skills. Thank you. But I still want some B1+ readings free 😅...
Fahrettin Büyükdağlı
Best app to learn German
Shrinivas Jayphalkar
Good app. Enjoying it a lot. But some features are missing: 1. Be able to mark stories as "read" 2. Speed up audio 3. Maybe, after tapping a word to see translation in a pop-up window, or somewhere closer to...
Дмитрий Гамза