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About Langster: Learn French with A1-B2 Stories & News

Langster is a new immersive concept and a fun French language learning app with more than 100 French news & stories for improving your language skills fast. FREE download and start learning French today! πŸ‡«πŸ‡· πŸ‡«πŸ‡· πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

Easily Read & Listen to French Anytime Anywhere - Just take 5 minutes a day.

Filter your level first and then choose the story that you like. Forget that you are learning French instantly. Learn French verb conjugations while reading the story with the 4 simple steps:

β€’ Tap a verb from the story
β€’ Study the conjugation (conjugaison)
β€’ Add verb to training
β€’ Review verbs after 1, 4, 7 and 30 days (spaced-repetition learning method)

The +170 French grammar helpers and vocabulary list will help you understand on the way.

Work your way up fast from A1 beginner to an advanced B2 level. Expand your French vocabulary rapidly for DELF, DALF, TCF or daily conversation vocabulary. Listening to the audio sound from Native speakers, perfect way to practice your French reading and listening skills.

Learn French with Langster Stories & News and be part of the revolution:

【 Customized French Stories from the World 】
- Plenty of interesting story & news lessons for your own reading level from A1-A2-B1-B2, allowing you to understand vocabulary and grammar in multiple contexts.

【 French Pronunciation 】
- All stories are recorded by French native speakers, which help you practice the most accurate French pronunciation and improve your French listening skills.

【 Instant French Dictionary 】
- Lookup a word translation directly in every story or news with a tap on the word. Easiest way to learn basic words, phrases, verbs and vocabularies. Learn French conjugation (conjugaison) with a simple tap of the verb. No need to use separate apps like Reverso, Larousse Francais, 'conjugaison française' or other French English dictionary or translation app for help. Easy & Effective!

【 Story Grammar Helper & Key Vocabulary 】
- A detailed explanation of French grammar and vocabulary list from the story is a tap away. Learn French grammar easily from the contexts and immerse yourself in the story.

【 Quiz to test your French skill】
- Each story offers quizzes to practice Grammar, Vocabulary, French Articles (le la les) and many more that you just learned. You can take the quiz as many times as you want – a great way to test your reading comprehension and prepare for your DELF, DALF, TCF French language exam!

【 Story Library & New Stories Weekly】
100+ French News & Stories in a wide range of topics that are available to start learning French now:
- Travel
- Culture
- Food
- Latest News (TV5monde, bbc, RFI, France 24, Le Monde, French radio,...etc.)
- Transportation
- Entertainment
- Science and Medical
- Technology
- People
- Parties

And many more new stories added on a weekly basis!

Langster is a must-have French language learning app for traveling and living in France. It's also your best assistant for French language exams, tests or advanced study or self-study French!

Download today and start learn French easily and effectively with Langster!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Langster?

Langster is a French language learning app that offers immersive stories and news to improve language skills.

How does Langster work?

Langster allows users to easily read and listen to French stories and news anytime, anywhere. Users can filter their level and choose the stories they like. The app also helps users learn French verb conjugations with a spaced-repetition learning method.

What resources are available in Langster?

Langster provides over 100 French news and stories, customized for different reading levels. It also offers French pronunciation recordings by native speakers, an instant French dictionary, grammar helpers, key vocabulary, and quizzes to test French skills.

Can Langster help with vocabulary and grammar?

Yes, Langster offers a vocabulary list and grammar explanations for each story. Users can learn vocabulary and grammar within the context of the stories.

What topics are covered in Langster's stories?

Langster covers a wide range of topics including travel, culture, food, latest news, transportation, entertainment, science, technology, people, and parties. New stories are added on a weekly basis.

Is Langster suitable for beginners?

Yes, Langster is suitable for beginners (A1 level) and can help them progress to an advanced level (B2 level).

Can Langster be used for French language exams?

Yes, Langster can be a valuable resource for preparing for French language exams like DELF, DALF, and TCF. The quizzes offered in the app can help users test their reading comprehension and prepare for the exams.

Is Langster available for free?

Yes, Langster can be downloaded for free.
I have to say I really enjoy this app so far. I highly appreciate the connection of short texts with audio. You can immediately take a quiz, add words to your vocabulary, grammar is explained as well. Really...
Anna Kullova
It was good stories to learn French very fast
Edutechs Online
I love it. Apart from the stories that you listen and read also, you have also quiz and grammar to improve your french. Thanks a lot! Very helpful!
Laurentiu Udroiu
Wonderful learning platform, I really like the interface of app.
sangeeta nautiyal
It's a very good app for French learners especially beginners, it's worth downloading , the app will aid your progress
Excellent and well organised material.
Lakhwinder kaur