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About PagePlayer – Cornelsen

With the PagePlayer app, you can download additional materials for your Cornelsen textbook to your smartphone or tablet and always have the content at hand – anytime, anywhere!
Our textbooks use augmented reality to digitally enhance the printed books and enrich the learning environment.

Available materials depending on the textbook:
• audio and video files
• additional vocabulary / grammar and phonetics videos
• interactive exercises with direct feedback for your learners
• cooperative tasks for the classroom
• additional texts

With the free PagePlayer app, you and your learners can access the course material such as audios, videos or interactive exercises directly from the book using smartphone or tablet – whenever and wherever you want. In case you don’t have your book close at hand, you can directly access the course material via the app’s media menu.

• easy access to accompanying coursebook contents
• all material handy, always – in the classroom, at home and on the move
• clear classification of course material in all units
• ideal for individual learning and revision
• Chapter-wise loading and removal of content

Here’s how it works
The app can be installed in just three steps and later accessed at any time, even without internet connection.
1. Download the Cornelsen PagePlayer app for free.
2. Open the app and select your textbook.
3. Download the accompanying media for one, multiple or all chapters – that way you’ll always have it at hand, everywhere and at all times.

The Cornelsen PagePlayer app is currently available for the following textbooks:

German as a foreign language
✓ Das Leben
✓ Fokus Deutsch – Erfolgreich in Alltag und Beruf
✓ Grammatik aktiv
✓ Panorama
✓ Weitblick – Das große Panorama
✓ Pluspunkt Deutsch – Erfolgreich im Beruf
✓ Pluspunkt Deutsch – Leben in Deutschland

✓ Business English for Beginners
✓ Basis for Business
✓ Career Express: Business English B2 2nd Edition
✓ Focus on Business 5th Edition - Nordrhein-Westfalen
✓ Pulse
✓ Simply Business
✓ Work with English 5th Edition revised - Baden-Württemberg

✓ Perspectivas contigo

✓ Be Partners – Büromanagement
✓ Groß- und Außenhandelsmanagement

Health, care, social affairs
✓ Basis Beruf
✓ Pflegias
✓ Erzieherinnen + Erzieher

For more information please visit:

We hope you enjoy using the Cornelsen PagePlayer app!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the PagePlayer app?

The PagePlayer app is an app that allows you to download additional materials for your Cornelsen textbook to your smartphone or tablet, providing easy access to the content anytime, anywhere.

What materials are available on the PagePlayer app?

On the PagePlayer app, you can find audio and video files, additional vocabulary and grammar videos, interactive exercises with direct feedback, cooperative tasks for the classroom, and additional texts, depending on the textbook.

How can I access the course material using the PagePlayer app?

You can access the course material, such as audios, videos, and interactive exercises directly from the book using your smartphone or tablet through the PagePlayer app. If you don't have your book with you, you can still access the material via the app's media menu.

What are the advantages of using the PagePlayer app?

The advantages of using the PagePlayer app include easy access to accompanying coursebook contents, having all the material handy at all times (in the classroom, at home, and on the move), clear classification of course material in all units, being ideal for individual learning and revision, and the ability to load and remove content chapter-wise.

How do I install and access the PagePlayer app?

To install the PagePlayer app, you need to follow these three steps:

Which textbooks are supported by the Cornelsen PagePlayer app?

The Cornelsen PagePlayer app currently supports textbooks in German as a foreign language, English, Spanish, as well as textbooks related to Economy and Health, care, and social affairs. A list of specific textbooks can be found on the website.

Where can I find more information about the PagePlayer app?

For more information about the PagePlayer app, you can visit the website
neta pashkaj
Excellent app, support the books very well
Yasser Mohammed
Super app
Cesar Torrentes
Top application, hat mir sehr geholfen (35 Jahre alt - Ausländer)
Stergios Tsantzios
Nice app most help for pronounced to German words thanks
uttara shinde
So easy to use and amazing technology to help learning!
Lawrence Lin