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About Flashcards Study by Anki Pro

Anki Pro - is a learning app that helps you to study efficiently with flashcards. It is based on an enhanced spaced repetition algorithm that allows you to memorize and increase vocabulary in learning languages and prepare for exams, studying new materials.

In our anki app you create flashcards and the in-built algorithm manages everything else. It understands what piece of information you are about to forget and shows you the very index card right on time and helps you to memorize it.

For decades spaced repetition methods have helped people in learning languages, prepare for exams, or just memorize important information. Anki Pro could be an effective study hepler tool and avoid managing physical note cards by using digital cards.

Our anki app interface is simple and clear but the same it is extremely powerful in learning languages, preparing for exams and it could become a real study helper tool for you. It helps you manage thousands of flashcards without wasting time on their management.
You can create index cards on mobile phones and MacBook based on M1.

What our users say about the Anki Pro app:

"Finally, I found a flashcards app that I can intuitively use! I don't need to watch tons of videos to understand how to create and learn flashcards in other srs (spaced repetition) products. It's so easy here. I'm in love with Anki Pro!" - Jeffrey Houng

"I use this learning anki app to prepare for the MCAT exam. I can say that it definitely works!" - Matthew Moore

"Anki flashcards are the thing that changed my habits in learning languages. Using spaced repetition I can study new words and don't forget them in a few weeks as I used to." - Alysa Tossou

The anki app is fully supported by a professional team. You'll constantly get new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

We also love getting personalized feedback, so don't be shy to message us right in the app! We personally answer all messages.

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

Get the Anki Pro app and master anki flashcards on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Anki Pro?

Anki Pro is a learning app that allows you to study efficiently with flashcards, using an enhanced spaced repetition algorithm. It helps you memorize and increase vocabulary, study new materials, and prepare for exams.

How does Anki Pro work?

Anki Pro's built-in algorithm manages your flashcards and determines when to show you the index cards based on what information you're about to forget. This helps you effectively memorize the content.

How can Anki Pro help with language learning and exam preparation?

Anki Pro utilizes spaced repetition methods to support language learning, exam preparation, and general information retention. It can be an effective study tool for managing and memorizing important information without the need for physical note cards.

Is the interface of Anki Pro user-friendly?

Yes, the interface of Anki Pro is simple and clear, making it easy to use. Despite its simplicity, the app has powerful features for language learning, exam preparation, and overall study support.

Can I use Anki Pro on my mobile phone and MacBook?

Yes, you can create and access Anki Pro flashcards on both mobile phones and MacBooks, including those based on the M1 chip.

What are some testimonials from users of Anki Pro?

Here are a few testimonials from Anki Pro users:

Is Anki Pro regularly updated and supported?

Yes, Anki Pro is fully supported by a professional team. The app receives regular updates with new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance the user experience.

Can I provide personalized feedback to the Anki Pro team?

Absolutely! The Anki Pro team loves receiving personalized feedback. You can easily message them within the app, and they personally respond to all messages.

Where can I find the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for Anki Pro?

You can find the Terms of Use at and the Privacy Policy at

How can I get the Anki Pro app?

You can get the Anki Pro app and start mastering flashcards on the go by downloading it from the respective app stores for your mobile phone or MacBook.