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About Zorbi: Spaced Repetition Flashcards

Zorbi is the most efficient way to create and study flashcards. Zorbi lets you create cards from PDFs and any website with a Chrome extension or turn your notes into flashcards using our Notion note-taking integration.

Zorbi is backed by science, available on all your devices, and it will always be free.

We make studying easier and faster through:

- Integrations that make creating flashcards fast and easy.
- Science-backed learning (Active Recall & Spaced-Repetition)
- Motivating streaks and stats that'll help you build up a study habit

Other tools like Anki and Quizlet have confusing settings and limited features. Zorbi makes it easy and fast to study for any exams, whether you're in medical school or in high school.

You can also use Zorbi to learn languages like Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and French.

Why Zorbi?


Work towards a learning goal, keep up your streak, and compare your profile with others. Zorbi will motivate you to keep studying. Or if you prefer learning with your friends, you can also collaborate on decks, study together and beat each others' high scores.


Never forget something you need for an exam. With a powerful spaced-repetition algorithm, Zorbi can predict when you're about to forget a flashcard and include it in your next studying session. You'll never have to stress about 'what' and 'how' you should study. Just open Zorbi and study 10-minutes a day.


Whether it's on your phone, tablet, or laptop, Zorbi lets you study in convenient 5-minute sessions across all platforms. Zorbi also comes with integrations with your favorite apps (Notion and Chrome) and makes it easy to create cards from anywhere. *More integrations coming soon*.


We want to make Zorbi the best studying app for everyone, and to do that, we listen to every bit of feedback we get. With new features and improvements released every week, we guarantee the app will always be improving. Join our Discord community below!

Have feedback for us?

Please send an email to [email protected] or join our Discord server:

For more details, visit our website at

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Zorbi?

Zorbi is an efficient flashcard creation and studying tool that allows you to create flashcards from PDFs, websites, or your own notes using the Notion integration.

How does Zorbi make studying easier and faster?

Zorbi makes studying easier and faster through integrations that simplify flashcard creation, science-backed learning techniques like active recall and spaced-repetition, and motivating streaks and stats to build a study habit.

How is Zorbi different from other flashcard tools like Anki and Quizlet?

Zorbi is different from other flashcard tools as it offers a user-friendly interface, more convenient study options, and additional features like collaborations and high-score comparisons. It is suitable for both medical school and high school students.

Can Zorbi be used to learn languages?

Yes, Zorbi can be used to learn languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and French.

What makes Zorbi motivating to study with?

Zorbi feels like a game and allows users to set learning goals, maintain study streaks, and compare profiles with others. It also offers the option to collaborate on decks and study with friends.

How does Zorbi ensure effective studying through spaced-repetition?

Zorbi uses a powerful spaced-repetition algorithm that predicts when you are likely to forget a flashcard and includes it in your next studying session. This ensures that you never forget important information for exams.

Can I study with Zorbi on different devices?

Yes, Zorbi allows you to study on your phone, tablet, or laptop, making it convenient for quick study sessions. It is accessible across all platforms.

Does Zorbi offer integrations with other apps?

Yes, Zorbi offers integrations with apps like Notion and Chrome, making it easy to create flashcards from anywhere. More integrations are also planned for the future.

Is Zorbi continuously improving based on user feedback?

Yes, Zorbi has a team of developers who listen to user feedback and regularly release new features and improvements. The app is constantly improving to meet the needs of its users.

How can I provide feedback to Zorbi?

You can send an email to [email protected] or join their Discord server to provide feedback. The Discord server link is
Great app to learn content for school or university
Liam Scott-Russell
Way better than Quizlet and Anki. Best flashcard app ever Love that I can create flashcards from my lecture notes and PDFs
Michael Catay
Very nice application
Neeraj Saini
The most useful app on my phone. Their developers are so patient with my feature requests that they almost respond immediately. Honestly guys, ditch Quizlet and Anki, this app has EVERYTHING you need!
Mingyang Li