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About Fortelling - Writer Tools

Fortelling offers a suite with a wide range of tools. This way you can focus on what matters the most: writing. Fortelling offers tools in 3 categories to help you improve your writing skills.

1. Write your novel organized.
Fortelling offers you a wide range of planning and plotting tools. Below you can find a list of all the tools we currently offer in the app. By creating story elements, you will always stay on top of what you’ve developed thus far.
- Characters & Character groups
- Worldbuilding: Locations, Species & Items
- Timelines
- Pinboards
- Other tools: Books, Labels, Plot, Dictionary & Notes

We would love to highlight some of the unique features these tools have. You can create relations between items. E.g.: this way you know which character currently holds the magical golden coin. To even take this one step further; you can create a pinboard and layout all the connected story elements.

Worldbuilding needs a lot of planning, especially the locations. That’s why we’ve added sublocations so you can ‘walk’ through your world. It is also possible to see a tree view of all your created locations.

Timelines are especially handy for mapping out the history of a long-forgotten land. But what about a specific battle in the middle of your story? Create a timeline for every instance and manage their events as close to the minute.

2. Tell your story together.
The app offers you to add your friends to a writing project. This way you can collaborate with them in real-time. It is also possible to add proofreaders. So, they can follow along and check what you’re writing.

3. Participate in weekly challenges
Each week, new writing prompts will be added to our homepage. These challenges vary in genre. Thus, they will challenge you to think outside of the box, participate, and evolve your writing skills. Get feedback and learn from others.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What types of tools does Fortelling offer?

Fortelling offers tools for planning and plotting, as well as collaboration and participation in weekly challenges.

What features do the planning and plotting tools have?

The planning and plotting tools include options for creating characters and character groups, worldbuilding with locations, species, and items, timelines, pinboards, and other tools such as books, labels, plot, dictionary, and notes.

Can I create relationships between items in Fortelling?

Yes, you can create relations between items, such as knowing which character currently holds a specific item like the magical golden coin. Pinboards can also be used to visually layout connected story elements.

How can Fortelling help with worldbuilding?

Fortelling provides sublocations for worldbuilding, allowing you to "walk" through your created world. You can also view a tree view of all your created locations.

Are there collaboration features in the app?

Yes, you can add friends to a writing project and collaborate with them in real-time. You can also add proofreaders to follow along and check your writing.

What are the benefits of participating in weekly challenges?

Participating in weekly challenges allows you to think outside of the box, evolve your writing skills, and receive feedback and learn from others. New writing prompts are added to the Fortelling homepage each week.
This app is a wonderful tool and a must if you're writing large stories! It's very modular form makes the tool easy for all sorts of different styles of story. Also much of what's on offer is free, including...
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Great 😊
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* -There's a problem in pick Cover when creating book * +Enable editing in Chacarter Category List Name and Deletion * +Characters and World movable list (up/down) to sort the idea * +Photo editor, just impo...
Nathan Drake
Really Nice application, so far so good
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So Good!
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