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About Inflow ADHD

Please note: we currently have a manual onboarding process. Please email if you’re interested in getting access to the app.

Introducing Inflow; the first science-based digital program to manage ADHD.


At the core of your Inflow journey is our CBT-based program; designed by leading ADHD psychologists it’s broken down into modules that comprehensively cover impulsivity, mindfulness, time management, organization, procrastination, lifestyle, emotional regulation, and much more.

Each module consists of short daily exercises that will help you learn about yourself, your ADHD, your thinking traps, and how to develop new habits and lifelong skills by completing challenges and implementing valuable new strategies.

On top of our core ADHD program, Inflow also sets you up for success with:
* Short, daily activities that integrate easily into your daily life
* Tangible challenges to put what you learn into practice
* Our daily focus feature so you can prioritize more effectively
* A stigma-free and supportive community you can engage with
* Personalized journal to understand your behavior patterns
* Live events with psychologists and ADHD experts

I know Inflow is based on the proven principles of CBT for ADHD - but what does that actually mean?

CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy. It is supported by clinical results which show that it can deliver real-world benefits for adults with ADHD. CBT is a targeted, skills-based intervention, and focuses on helping you effectively manage your thoughts, your emotions, and your behaviors.

The problem is, not a lot of people can get access to this potentially life-changing therapy, which is where Inflow comes in.

We have worked hard to distill the combined knowledge of the world's top ADHD therapists and experts so that you can receive an industry-leading CBT program from your phone.

Does that mean Inflow works for everyone with ADHD?

No, ADHD is a complex neurological difference that affects everyone differently. Our unique ADHD program is built on 3 simple principles:

1) No silver bullet: This isn’t a quick and easy fix; this is going to take time and it will occasionally be difficult. You should be ready to invest little-by-little, day-in, day-out, in yourself and your decisions.

2) Accountability: Change has to start with you and you have to want to make improvements in your life.

3) Keep perspective: Approaching your ADHD with intentionality and mindfulness creates a safe and forgiving environment; mindset and perspective are your best friends.

What results can I expect to see from Inflow?

Inflow will give you:

1) A deeper understanding of yourself and your ADHD

2) A toolbox full of tangible strategies to help you manage your ADHD more effectively

3) A supportive ADHD community in your pocket

Subscription pricing and terms:

Inflow offers a 7-day free trial with two auto-renewing subscription options:
- annual subscription at $7.99/month
- monthly subscription at $29.99/month

These prices are for US customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

After the free trial, the subscription automatically renews unless turned off before the trial period ends. Any unused portion of your free trial is forfeited after purchase.

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy: https://getinflow/privacy-policy/

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I'm pleased that the app has cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It has helped me greatly with my ADHD issues. I look forward to improving more because of this app. Thank you for letting me be a beta tester ...
Marcella Lowry
Really excellent app. Genuinely a great help.
Michael Davar
I had the privilege to be one of the beta testers for this app, before it was officially available. It was a great help even at the start, at it's very basics, and has done nothing but improve since then! I ...
Felix Nicholson
Game changer for those with ADHD
Derek jones
Great app, feels good to finally have some support and a real community to help with my ADHD
Mehdi Benbrahim
This app is exactly what I've been waiting for! Finding it incredibly helpful so far
David Van Burren